Thursday, January 31, 2013

Early Spring?


Well this morning I have a really sore big toe but the rest of me feels fine after my slip in the shower yesterday, life is good.  Its up to 33 degrees also so the snow is melting.  Although it looks like we got some more overnight.  I think we are getting a little freezing drizzle now.  The UPS on the computer clicked on a time or two so there must be ice building up on the lines.  At least the power never went off.

The mailman brought my packing box from Gazelle and I packed up my old iPad up and sent it off.  They made me a good offer and pay all the shipping.  I went out to drop the package off at the post office and pick up the rest of the mail.  I cleared the snow off the back deck while I was out and now nature can clear the rest of it.  It is to be above freezing the next couple of days so hopefully it will all melt away.  Plus I think I need to stay off my sore toe.

I worked on the bills a little and boy am I ready for the 1st of the month when our retirement checks come.

Still no shower at Elizabeth's, plumber supposed to come tonight.  Bonnie has been doing laundry all day.  It seems to be raining out now and t is up to 40.  Good news the maintenance guys showed up and fixed the shower I think they put in new guts. (the water worked when they got there).  Lots of rain today I am glad its warm, over 3/4 inch.

I don't do this often but its been boring here.  Many will remember our battle with the mice earlier in the year.  Here is another guys story:

The last time we were out in the MH was the last week of October. My wife had a knee replacement on Nov 6th so traveling was curtailed. We were going to Las Vegas on the 17th of Jan for our oldest granddaughters 21st birthday. The weather was pretty cold all winter so I figured I better go fill up the LP so I could keep the furnace going to keep the pipes from freezing.

As I opened the bay with the electric and hose reel I noticed I had some unwanted guests(dried Poop). I keep a form rubber plug around the cord opening hole and it was pushed out of the way. I looked and opened the adjoining bay and say what looked like a cat. So I opened the other side to chase it out and low and behold it was a racoon. The little critter looked about half starved and it went through the bay with the inverter climbed up on top of the black-gray tanks. I am thinking oh crap!

I drove down got fuel and LP and headed back deciding how I was going to evict the racoon. We leave kind of out in the country and have lots of unwanted pests to include skunks from time to time. Well I have a trap so I set the trap up with a can of tuna fish. Get up the next morning and have caught a cat. I released him and the last I saw was his tail heading east in a mad dash. Also had a fesh load in the bay. Figured he got out doesn't like tuna fish and found him some food and crawled back where it was warm Next night reset the trap with Spam, Bingo we got him. 

The only bad part was removing all evidence, but the bays haven't been this clean in a while. I have 3 little boys who live on one side of us and one on the other side and they thought trapping was cool. Now all they want to do is set the trap and see what we get.

With that I will call it a day.


Hope this morning been fasting for the lap work so no coffee or food till then,  I arrived at Quest Diagnostics just before 9am.

The door to the blood letting
Then I headed toward court with a brief stop for gas, coffee, and a bagel at the Kwik Fill in Strykersville.  I spent about 90 minutes working on paperwork and then headed home.

I put the car up on the ramps and then went in to change clothes.  Time to get the differential fluid changed in the CR-V.  The plugs came out easily and it was easy to pump the new fluid in with the small pump.

Just a few simple tools needed

New fluid and pump

Almost full
 I line of thunderstorms went through while I was changing the fluid it rained hard for about 15 minutes and rained over a third of an inch.

Hard rain for a short time
Fluid change took about 20 minutes from start till I was cleaned up and the tools put away.

We headed over to Attica just before 6.  On the way we stopped at Merle's to pick up Bonnie's suitcase that Mary had borrowed for her trip to the Dominican Republic.  Then on to Attica High School to watch the basketball games.  We caught the end of the JV game and then watched the Varsity Game.  We know some of the kids on both teams.  The JV's won easily.  The Varsity was a bit more exciting.  Attica trailed most of the game.  Then took the lead near the end but Byron Bergen tied the game in the last minute.  OVERTIME!  Well it was back and forth but Attica pulled off the win.  It was an exciting game and we had a good time.   We also got to visit with several friends and that is always good.  We headed home in the rain and fog.  Also it was up to 54 out forecast is for 60 tomorrow before the temperature dives tomorrow night.

Pre-Game warm up

Cheerleaders take over during a time out
Thats about it for tonight.


Warm 58 but wet this morning.  We have had several rain showers and one line of heavy rain come through this morning.

January 30, 2013 in Western NY

Bill mad lots of sawdust cutting up the tree that blew down
Rand McNally finally got my lifetime map updates added to my account for my RVND 7710 GPS yesterday.  Last night I started the process to update the maps in anticipation of this coming summers travels.  It took all night and some of this morning but its done.  Then about the time I finished that, Apple published IOS 6.1 and update for our iPad and iPhones.  The update went without a hitch, as it usually does.

Bonnie took off for Warsaw to shop and pickup RXs, also to pick up the last of the supplies for her trip to Africa.  She made a brief stop at home to drop off the groceries and then headed for her sisters to exchange pedicures.

FedEx delivered the Crystal Light we ordered at Amazon and the USPS delivered the parts for the snow blower.  I went out and replaced the broken bolt on the blower and then came back in as it was raining again.

I read about a PBS series called "Downton Abby" on an other blog this morning.  Its about the staff and family at an old English manor.  I found the older episodes on Amazon Prime instant videos so we started at season one.  So far it is an interesting story so we have season 1 and 2 to catch up on and Season 3 just started.  Then the girls came to pick up a load of wood and then stayed for supper.  We watched and played along with Wheel of Fortune and Jeopardy and then they headed home.  A little TV for us and then bed.