Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Deep Freeze


Happy Martin Luther King Day.  The 5 inches of snow we got late last night has settled down and is now 2 or 3.  I went out mid morning and cleaned it up, cold again about 20.

Elizabeth came out and got a trunkful of wood.

Getting a load of wood
We watched some recorded shows and then about 3 we headed into Elizabeth's.  We were meeting there to visit with friends John and Sandy who were visiting from Oklahoma City.  They will soon be moving to Huntsville and are looking at a house that is within 6 miles of my son and his family.  We shared Cheeseburger Pizza, Pepperoni Pizza and some wings.  Hard to beat pizza and wings in Buffalo.  We got about an other inch or so of snow while we were in there.  Its down to 10 degrees and the road were a mess and slippery on the way home.  Looks like the snow has stopped now maybe the salt will work overnight.

Thats it for tonight.  Lots of running around to do tomorrow.


Up before 7 this morning lots on the agenda, its only 12 out.  We had about 4 inches of snow on the driveway this morning so I was working on it before 8.  Then we carried down suitcases to drop off for Bonnie's upcoming trip to Africa.  Just as we were pulling out, Bill our building friend pulled in, he was going to start to cut up and haul home the Ash tree that blew down.  We headed for the McKinley mall so Bonnie could keep her hair appointment.  I dropped her off just before 10 and then I headed to Ray Laks Honda for an oil change.  I had a coupon for a free oil change so that part cost me nothing.  Then I went to the parts dept. and picked up the crush washers I needed and a spare oil filter, cost $11.00.  Then back to pick up Bonnie.  We stopped at Sears and I got an impact socket I needed and an  impact adapter.  Now as soon as it warms up I can change the rear differential fluid.

We pulled into eat at Wendy's but spotted a Moe's Southwestern Grill, we had just learned of these on Undercover Boss the other night.  So we went there and the meal was very good and we skipped supper it was so filling.  Then on to East Aurora with a stop at the Bank and then to drop off the suitcases.

It was snowing hard when we headed home and the roads were very slippery.  The tires on the CR-V are just about shoot after only 17000 miles, not much grip.  We did get past an 18 Wheeler that was not going to make it up the hill we were on.  We made it home safely and Bill was still working in the yard.

As you can see it was still snowing hard.  Bill was able to not only cut up the blown down part of the tree but also the rest of what was still standing.  I bet he will sleep good tonight.

I had to head back out about 6 for an audit the Town Board is required to perform on my court records every year and that went well.  The roads were horrible going up, it was still snowing.  The CR-V tires spun off and on all the way up the hill.  I was gone 2 hours and the snow stopped, the roads were much better coming home.

Now to catch up on emails before bedtime


No snow overnight and the moon light last night was bright and beautiful.  The cloudless night led to low temps.  We had 0 here at the house and friends nearby posted -5 and -13 at their houses.  Its been nice and sunny all morning.  Time to go out and clean the driveway.

No wind out while I was cleaning the driveway so it was not bad.  I also cleaned up around the pavers so we should be all set.  I forgot to grab the mail and the recycle bin so ended up going back out for them after soup and a sandwich that Bonnie made for lunch.  While I was out I grabbed a couple pictures.

Meter reading was due

This is all thats left of the tree Bill Cut up
Now its snowing again, hopefully not a lot.  GD called and there shower line is frozen, my neice in PA has furnace problems so they need a new motor.  I am thankful we are warm and the forecast is for warmer weather.

Not much more to report the snow has about stopped but it will be back.  A new motor is on the way so my niece should get heat later tonight, they are safe with my sister now.  My daughter is helping with the Code Blue at City Mission and helping to get the homeless into warm shelters.  Hopefully my GD will have water for a shower in the morning.

Thats about it for tonight Thanks for Checking in!