Sunday, January 27, 2013

What Can I Say its Still Cold Mighty Cold


Sunny when we got up this morning but then it clouded up and snowed a little.  Not much and the sun even came out for a while around 3pm.  We basically did nothing today so there is not much to write about.  Tonight we have our small group study so we will be off to that soon.

We left around 6 Bonnie had fresh baked brownies, we picked up the girls, dropped off a check in East Aurora, and deposited some checks at the bank for Elizabeth.  Best of all we were on time.

As we headed home it was another clear night no snow and it was -9 on top of one of the hills.

My niece and her family have a working furnace again and Elizabeth still has no water in the shower.

Time for bed.


Still cold this morning.  Bonnie was up and went to take her mother to an appointment and do some shopping together.  I caught up on some blogs and did a little research on line.  Then got dressed warm and went out to move snow.  Cleaned the driveway and pavers.  No new snow last night.  But about 4 hours after I cleaned the drive way we got a little bit of snow.

Alexus was home alone and she called to ask me to come in as a man was coming to look at why they did not have water in the bathroom.  He got there just before me and since there is just a trickle of water and it is not stopping or getting faster we both think the faucet is broken.  Elizabeth says it has not worked right since she move in.  In fact they reused it when they replaced the shower with a bathtub.  So he was going to get hold of the landlord and get the ok to replace it.  Suppose to come back this evening.  He said they would have to fix it through the outside wall, oh my its 10 degrees out.

While I was there I showed  and had Alexus how to build a fire.  She split some kindling, crumpled the paper, laid the fire, and lit it.  We closed the door to soon so had to add two pieces of paper and then it took right off.  I showed her how to regulate the stove temperature by adjusting the draft.  Then we also had to add some wood twice.  Then I headed home.

I was hungry for goulash earlier in the week and Bonnie was busy cooking some up when I got home.  But first I had a bit of a nap, I woke up as the news started and hungry as a bear after hibernation.  Boy the goulash was good, I may have eaten more than I should have.  Then topped it of with a brownie, washed down with some milk.

Relaxing this evening and taking it easy.

Looks like we have a flyer out in Alabama!


Another cold morning no over night snow and a little sun this morning.  I headed up to court for a few hours and Bonnie headed for a "31 Gift" party.

Once I got home I sorted out my medicine for the next 4 weeks and then decided to work on the taxes.  I got organized and entered a little of the data.  We are missing a W-2 from the county hospital and a 1099-R.  So I quit.  Bonnie got home just before 8 and the girls came with her.  Their shower is still not fixed.  So they are showering spending the night and we can all go to church in the morning.

We watched a little TV and all have headed for bed and I am going to follow shortly.  Forecast is for a couple days of warmer weather and I hope to get the rear differential fluid changed on the Honda CR-V when that happens.  Full Moon tonight and 15 degrees, it was 12 earlier maybe the warm up is starting.


Started off this morning by slipping and half falling in the shower.  Somehow I ended up on the built in seat.  I jammed my big toe on the opposite wall and banged my head on something, it all happened so fast.  Must have made a lot of noise as Bonnie came in to check on me.  That completed we all headed to church.  After church we dropped off the girls at their house and came home.  Bonnie made a nice salad for lunch.  I am starting to get stiff and sore from the slip so took some Alleve and plan to take it easy.

Weather advisory issued for sleet and freezing rain tonight.

Thats about it for this week, I took it easy but am a little sore, but I will be ok.  Thanks for Checking In.