Sunday, March 3, 2013

If its Thursday it must be Uganda

Thursday Day 21

Snowing this morning when I got up.  I did get some pictures from Uganda.

School with no walls

Students outside the school

Inside the church

Filter setup

Bonnie snapping a picture
 This was my view out the front door mid-morning

Kind of pretty
Did a lot of blog reading today and watched some recorded podcasts.  Not much on the agenda till tonight.  Then off to our small group study last night on the study of Heaven and we are having pizza and wings.  It has continued to snow all day but no accumulation as it is just above freezing.  FedEx just came and dropped off some crystal light and a propane adapter.

Rain, Fog and snowing while I was out tonight, good to be home safe and sound.  Thats it for today.

Friday Day 22

More snow overnight and light snow this morning and down in the 20's, I am ready for Spring.  Last year we had a beautiful March and we made a trip in the Coach to Ohio, Tennessee, and Alabama!  Today I need to clean the driveway of a bunch of snow.

I worked on the budget until 1:30am and then could not sleep, maybe a nap today.  Guess I should check my numbers also.  I opened a savings account to make it easier to save and transfer money for those once a year large payments like taxes and insurance.  I have used Fidelity MM funds in the past but its too hard to transfer money in and out.  Well in is easy but getting it out is much harder.  Yesterday I downloaded Aperture, its a photo handling and editing program for Apple computers.  It is made to handle larger libraries and our iPhoto program was starting to bog down with almost 8000 photos in the library.  I need to move some and delete some I think.  But is nice to have them handy when you want to view them.  Anyway I need to learn how to use it and show Bonnie so she can work with her pictures when she gets home.  Lucky for me "There's an APP for that".

Bob L picked me up and we headed to the Pine Tavern for a Fish Fry.  Fish Fries are a Buffalo tradition and during Lent every place that serves one is very busy.  We were there around 5 and had to wait about 20 minutes for a table.  The wait was worth it and dinner was great.  My driveway is all ice now that I cleaned the snow off of it today.  Looks like it will be that way until later next week unless the sun makes a surprise appearance.

Snug as a bug here at home now tonight.  Time for Gold Rush and Yukon Men.  That hopefully a good nights sleep.

Saturday Day 23

Just a dusting of snow overnight and in the low 20s.  After breakfast I headed up to court and got home from there a few hours later.  Checked the mail box on the way in and found some interesting reading material.

Newest issue latest news

Which of the new cars can be towed?
I did a little reading and then it was time to get ready and head over to some friends house for dinner and and evening of fellowship.  We had a delicious chicken dinner and some good conversation around the table with 3 very well behaved children.  While the dinner was great, Trina's Mountain Dew cake was to die for, better than candy.  After dinner we spent the evening catching up and I shared some picture on my iPad.  The kids are really good at entertaining themselves.  I showed Kyle how to play Cut the Rope on the iPad and he was off and running, soon he was doing levels I had never seen before.  Bedtime came and the kids were off to bed no fuss.  We continued to catch up on things and before I knew it was 10:30.  I headed home, hoping I had not over stayed my welcome.  It was snowing and quite peaceful out.  Trina sent me home with some cookies and they were excellent with a little milk for a bedtime snack.

I saved a few for tomorrow.
It was a most enjoyable evening time to hit the hay now.

Sunday Day 24

Once again it was snowing when I got up this morning, looks like I will have to clean out the driveway again.  I got ready and headed to church.  The girls were meeting me there today as they were going shopping right after church.  Which worked out for me as I was invited to lunch at my stylists' (SIL) before she cut my hair.  We had a really great service and communion at church.  Our Pastor is having surgery tomorrow at the Cleveland Clinic and his family and friends were all in church today.  Keep him in your prayers this coming week if you would.

Lunch was great Sweet and Sour Chicken, green bean casserole, coleslaw with pineapple, and oreo cookies for dessert.  My nephew and niece were also there and we had a nice visit.  Bill and I watched a movie and napped a little during the boring parts.

Then I headed to see the girls for supper, Meatloaf, Green beans, and mashed potatoes.  Alexus is making muffins for dessert.  I seem to be eating quite well these past few days and I have another invite for tomorrow night.  It snowed most of the day maybe another inch or two.  One of my friends on FB posted that he cut his grass for the first time this year today.  Oh well spring will be here soon.  I am looking forward to getting he Coach home.

Its 9pm and I am finally home, had a great day and enjoyed every bit of it.  Thanks for Checking In!