Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Pearls of Advice

Monday Day 31

I appreciate all the comments from yesterdays blog post regarding treatments for my sore throat and I am giving some of them a try.

I took it easy and napped a lot in the recliner this morning, I did not get much sleep last night as my sore throat kept waking me up.  I had to suck on a cough drop every time I woke up.  I called the Dr. and made an appointment for this afternoon.

I actually got in to the Dr a little early ahead of my appointment.  They checked me all over and tested for me for Strep Throat.  Good news is no Strep, bad news its viral.  That means I just have to put up with it until it passes.  I did get RXs for a sore throat and cough medicine so hopefully that will help.

Picked up my meds here on the way home
The girls brought home made chicken noodle soup for supper.  It took them two trips as they forgot the noodles on the first trip.  While we ate we watched the latest episode of the Bible Series on the History Channel.  They left as soon as it was over.  I took some more cough medicine and continued to suck on cough drops.  Sure hope I feel better tomorrow, lots to do tomorrow.

Well its off to try to sleep and get some rest.

Tuesday Day 32

I was in bed about 9 hours last night and did sleep more than the night before.  The salt water gargling seems to help a lot.  And the cough medicine keeps me from the painful coughing.  My throat does not seem as sore as it was and it is a little easier to swallow.

Busy day ahead of me at court.  Ended up spending 5 1/2 hours up there and then headed to Elizabeths for a quick supper.  Then to church for a small group study.  Finally home around 9:00pm and just really tired almost too tired to sleep.  I feel about 50% better so thats a good thing.  Hope to just relax a little and get a good nights sleep.

I did get some pictures today so will add those.  All I know is that they were at a school.

It was good to hear from the team today as it has been a couple days.
Off to sleep now.

Wednesday Day 33

I spent 10 hours in bed last night and this morning but don't feel like I rested very well.  I am still feeling about 50% well, I feel different but not well.  Throat is still sore but tolerable, eyes are watering and I have no energy.  But all in all I think I am on the mend.  Nothing on the schedule for today so hopefully I can continue to rest and get well.  It was 55 two days ago and this morning there has been 1/2 inch of snow since I got up at 10 and it continues to snow at 34 degrees out.  No news from Uganda today and they should be home in a week.

Here is todays update:  No 3G service here, so no pics.....but, today we visited 6 sites: 1 revisit of a school with 700 students, 1 Church and 4 new installations at schools involving about 2800 children!

So I have tried to rest today but I could not nap but I tried.  It snowed off and on all day and sometimes very hard.  Not much stayed as it was above freezing.  I did walk out to get the mail and the recycle tote during a lull in the snow.

Most of the snow is gone from the front yard
 I just looked out as I heard a plow go by and the front yard is all white again and it is snowing hard the temperature has dropped to 23.

The blue recycle tote was close to being in the creek, hope it was the wind that blew it there
After getting the mail I watched the movie Act of Valor, kind of sad but pretty much true to life.

Had some of Elizabeth's chicken noodle soup for supper and now I plan to watch Survivor and then hopefully head to bed.  My throat is somewhat better but still a bit sore.

Thats about it from here, Thanks for Checking In.