Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Planning and Preparation


Up this morning no sun but no snow and its just above freezing, so the snow will melt some.  Bonnie got up a while later.  I made our first camping reservations for the summer.  Actually September at Ives Run In Pennsylvania.  Then I helped Bonnie as she continued to edit her photos getting ready to order the ones she wants for her scrapbook.

Here are a couple pictures of some of the treasures Bonnie brought back with her.

Drum and baskets

Cloths, scarves, hat, and purses

Real Vanilla Beans

Coffee, bracelets, necklaces, and Jelly Beans
Around lunch time I got a message that the network was not working at the logging company that I help out at.  So we got on the phone and tried a couple tests and checks, but it did not look good.  So I got ready and headed over there.  I check a few more things.  The indications were that the firmware in the router was corrupted.  I reloaded it twice, got a message that it had loaded properly but the router would not respond.  The employee that was helping me made a quick run to Batavia and picked up a new router.  We hooked it up made all the changes to the basic settings and two of the three computers were back up.  Checked a few things and found a few settings that needed changed on the last computer and it looks like everything is up and running again.

I picked up subs for dinner and headed home.  We had several phone calls and a facetime to keep us busy this evening and filled in with TV between them.  Bonnie finished her photo editing and tomorrow we will try to upload them and get them ordered.  We even made a lunch date while on FaceTime for next week.

Today was our last day with the Keurig, we love the coffee but got tired of buying the expensive
K-cups.  Got the old Bunn set up and ready for morning.

Tomorrow will be a long day.


Today will be a long day for me.  Today is a day of preparation.  I can not eat anything today just coffee and water.  Then at 5pm I start to drink a preparation solution to get ready for my Colonoscopy tomorrow morning.

The morning passed pretty quickly and I went up to court for a while shortly after noon.  Just a little bit for me to do up there so back home.  Bonnie has been working on her photos and we got them uploaded to Snapfish and ordered the prints she wanted.  She also made arrangements to take her mother to the hospital for an X-ray.  Her mom fell well over a week ago and her ribs are hurting more instead of less.

Bonnie is still gone but its time to start drinking the prep.  Doesn't taste to bad but a gallon is a lot.  New directions are to drink half tonight and get up and drink half at 4:30am.  Not a pleasant evening but not that bad either.  Off to bed now 4am comes early.  Here are a few of Bonnie's pictures from Africa.

Smiles are international

Typical Water Hole

Up at 3:45am to continue my preparation.  Finished drinking the rest of the 4 liter bottle by 5:00am.  Then just let it do its work.  Finally that finished up around 7:30.  Bonnie was up and we left for the hospital, my checkin time was 8:30am.  We headed straight for the 2nd floor.

Ambulatory Surgery Unit
 No line to check in and so that only took a couple minutes.  We were a couple minutes early so we were directed over to the waiting room.  Bonnie got comfy and continued to review her photos.

Busy working on her computer
 At 8:31 I jokingly said to Bonnie that they were late.  At 8:33 Sally the nurse came and got me and did the pre procedure interview and gave me my wrist ID bracelet.  Then it was off to the locker room to change in to the lovely hospital gowns, at least they give you two.  Then another nurse got me and started my IV.  Then over to another waiting room.  Bonnie came and sat with me here.

All ready to go
It was just a couple of minutes until they took me into the colonoscopy room.  I laid down, anesthesiology talked to me and I asked what they were using propanol and verset (didn't Michael Jackson mess with these).  I said ready she said take deep breaths, I did.  She said have a good sleep and pushed the plunger, I said I'm still here, literally 2 seconds later I was asleep.  Seemed like minutes until I woke up in another room hearing a nurse call my name.  Then the Dr. came in and said everything looked great come back in 10 years, yes, I expected 5 at my age.  The pulse ox sensor kept alarming and the nurse adjusted it.  I felt like she had my finger to far in it and so I adjusted it and it worked.  She said oh it finally started working, I said I adjusted it.  Oh well it read 98 so I was good to go.  Over to the waiting room and had some apple juice and an egg salad sandwich.  Bonnie came in and we were on our way home by 10:45.  All in all a good experience at the local hospital WCCH, plus all but one of the nurse's know Bonnie and the Dr. is one of her favorites, and was born in Kenya near where she just was.

Came home with discharge instructions to take it easy and NOT sign any legal documents for a day.  So that is what I am doing.  Bonnie is now taking Alexus to a Dr. appointment and meeting Elizabeth there.  She made me some tuna fish for supper so I am all set.  Snowing hard but its melting on the ground thats good.

Bonnie is finally home so I guess thats about all the news for tonight.

Thanks for Checking In.