Sunday, March 17, 2013

Home Stretch

Monday Day 38

In the Home Stretch.  Getting a bit excited tomorrow Bonnie starts a 30+ Hour trip back to the USA and then they plan to drive from JFK airport home that evening.  I have not spoken to her since they left and news and updates have been pretty scarce.  So it will be good to have her home safely.

We have lots of plans to finalize for summer travel but I will have to let her rest up a little before we work on those.

Its almost sunny out but we have a weather advisory for later today and the radar is showing the storm moving it, but only time will tell.  Not much planned for today just waiting on the storm.  Might be a good day to do wash.

So I did go out and sweep part of the garage today while the weather was decent, also picked up the mail while I was out.  Speaking of mail.  Saturday in the mail we received a check in the mail from Independent Health for the full amount of our claim for Bonnie's visit to the DR in Massachusetts while on vacation.  Persistence finally paid off when we got the right claims person to actually take and interest and go back and check their logs to see that we had called in to get approval to go to an out of area DR.  I am thankful they finally did the right thing.

I watched a couple movies this afternoon and it started to snow pretty hard.  After supper I decided to take a shower and then started the wash.  The last load is in the dryer.  I lost the signal from the satellite dish a while ago and had to go out and scrape the ice off the dish, then it worked again.  Seems the snow has changed to freezing rain and the wind is howling again through the trees.  Sure am glad I am not out driving.

Well a couple more shows and then I am off to bed after I fold the clothes.  This time last year we were in the coach visiting family in Paris, TN on our way to Huntsville, AL.

Tuesday Day 39

Nasty weather all night long, fortunately it was at or above freezing.  I checked the flight status information this morning but Kenya Airlines does not do to great a job of updating their flights status.  Everything looked on time or early, but it was about an hour after the plane landed in Nairobi that it was shown as being there.  So the first leg home is complete.

Snowing again here, I am heading up to court after lunch so hope the roads are not too bad as the temperature is dropping.

Wow it has snowed and the wind has blown all day.  I am just getting home.  Almost a blizzard here in the hills of Wyoming County.  Bonnie's plane has landed in Dubai.  Next flight leaves at about 11:30pm landing at JFK tomorrow afternoon around 2:15.  I am making some jello and then relaxing before bed I have been on the run all day.  And I just had to add snow blowing to my list for tomorrow.

Wednesday Day 40

Still snowing when I got up this morning.  Snowed all morning so far in varying intensities.  The website this morning shows that Bonnie's flight actually left early.  Must be a head wind as they will be a few minutes late.

Snow almost stopped so I cleared at least 8 inches off the back deck.  As I finished it started snowing hard again.  The plane is now being picked up by radar and has about 1500 miles to go to NYC.

I had a sandwich and then went out and cleaned the driveway.  The snow is wet and heavy.  It snowed hard while I was out there, then the sun came out just as I finished.

Looks much better without all the snow on it.
The plane landed at JFK just a few minutes late, then they had to claim their baggage.  Bonnie called but my cell phone never rang.  I did notice it after a few minutes and gave them a call back.  It was good to talk to my bride after 6 weeks.  They still were going to rent a car and drive back tonight.  Last update we have is that they cleared the city just before 4pm.  So they should be here late this evening if the snow does not slow them down too much.

I made spaghetti for supper with leftovers for Bonnie.  It was snowing hard a few minutes ago and now it has quit again.   Guess I will go ahead and post this and wait up for Bonnie.