Sunday, March 24, 2013

Spring Time or Not


After a late night last night, or should I say early morning (Bonnie got home at 1:30PM) I slept in until almost 10.  Bonnie got up before noon after about the 3rd or 4th phone call woke her up.  We spent the rest of the day catching up and watching the snow.  Again not much accumulated, thankful for that.  Bonnie has some interesting stories to tell.  We all have so much to be thankful for here in the USA.  It appears that after feeling pretty good for a couple days I now have a full fledged cold,  so I will work at fighting that off now.  Not much else to report today.


Still snowing when I got up this morning, seems that it has been snowing since Tuesday.  Bonnie got up a few hours after I did, hopefully she is getting rested up.  She starting unpacking and showing me some of the items she brought back with her.  I look forward to hearing the stories behind them.

I headed up to court after lunch, the snow is very deep in the driveway dragging on the bottom of the CR-V for the first time ever.  I had no trouble getting out though.

Lots of the white stuff.  I don't think you can see where the car was dragging
 I headed home after a couple hours of paperwork and relaxed for an hour.  Then I headed out and cleared over 8 inches of snow again from everything.  It was 24 out and everything froze as soon as I removed the snow.  I hustled and it only took a little over an hour.  I am hopeful this is the last of the snow for this season, come on Spring.

Still trying to fight off this cold.

Overcast and spitting snow this morning, not enough to have to clean the driveway though.  Bonnie got up after an hour or so and continued to catch up on her TV shows.  Then we had a nice long Facetime call with family in Alabama.  Happy Birthday to Reagan 3 years old tomorrow.  I jumped in the shower and then headed up to court for a couple hours.

The sun is out now so maybe last nights snow will melt.  Here are a few of Bonnie's pictures that show some of the animals she saw.

Cows roam freely

The fence is to keep the Zebras off the road

More domesticated cows

Single hump camels

Near the water hole



more Zebras

Lilly the goat was a gift to Bonnie

Monkeys along the road

Bonnie has a bracelet made from one of these horns
Bonnie has not been out of the house since she got home so I asked her to go out to dinner with me to East Aurora.  I have a gift card from Christmas from Tantalus.  Well Bonnie said she heard it was closed.  So I called and it is now Midici House.  Good thing for us it is the same owners and staff, just a different look with the same staff.  Things were somewhat chaotic there and crowded.  But we got seated and the food was very good.  Boy the days are getting longer, it was just getting dark when we go home at 8pm.

We spent the rest of the evening catching up on TV shows again.


We got up to sunshine this morning and got ready and headed to church.  I still am not over this cold and I was mostly in a daze all morning.  We headed home after church.  We made a stop in Sheldon and picked up 4 Chicken BBQ dinners sponsored by the Sheldon Fire Department.  The girls have been house setting and they came over shortly after we finished our dinners and had the remaining 2.  Bonnie showed them all the things she brought back from her trip and they picked out a few things that they wanted.  Then we all watched the 3 Bible series shows that we had recorded.  Now we are catching up on the series Justified on Amazon Prime.  Not a very exciting day but some days are like that.  Thats about it for this week.

Thanks for checking in.