Sunday, March 10, 2013

Whats Around the Corner

Thursday Day 27

Lets Hope that Spring is around the corner.  Cloudy this morning and a very light snow drifting down but melting as it is 36 out.  Just a short note from the group in Uganda:
Yesterday and today we revisited a number of sites where the filters have been in use for awhile. Because I haven't been crawling out of the van, I haven't taken any pictures to post. We are doing well.....
Time for me to head out.  First stop is at the girls for supper.  Then on to church.  I volunteered to help on the tech team, sound, lights, video in the tech booth.  Tonight starts my training.

Had a good evening at church learning the presentation software they use during the service.  Lots to learn but it makes sense so just need to put in some time.  Snowing hard when I headed home, stopped to get gas and pickup some ice cream for Saturday night.   Good night all.

While I was training some of the men were moving speakers and the projector, hoping to get it done in time for Sunday morning.

This man lift sure helps
Looks like fun
Friday Day 28

The ground is white with just a dusting of snow, but the sun is out and its above freezing.  Bummer is I have a sore throat again, hope to shake that soon.  Headed up to work at court for about 3 hours and then home.

Talked to my sister she had her knee replaced yesterday and sounded really good on the phone today, I know she had a rough day yesterday.  Thanks for the prayers.

This update from Uganda is all I got today no pictures:  Today we went to Foodstep, a Children's Home for those rescued from a nearby prison. Tomorrow we will visit the prison. The children's crimes? They are orphans who are found living on the streets......

Had some leftovers for lunch and put my baking hat on to make some brownies for dinner tomorrow night.

Mixed up the brownies

Ready for the oven
They came out not very thick but its the right sized pan.  I did sample one and it pretty good.  Spent the evening watching some recordings.  


Saturday Day 29

Nice and sunny today and in the 40s.  No news from Uganda.  My sore throat is worse today.  Did not do much today.

Heading over to Holland to have dinner with in-laws and then see the play at the high school.  But first I need to hit the rain locker.   I have been on standby to help fix my SILs John Deere, but just got word she fixed it herself, good job.  So we had a good supper and then down to the play.  You could tell the kids put a lot of work and practice into the play.  However the play was not my cup of tea.

Leftovers from Dinner
I turned the clocks ahead and headed to bed.

Sunday Day 30

I have been sick all day and not feeling feel at all so thats about it for this week.

Thanks for Checking In.