Sunday, March 17, 2013

Final Week

Thursday Day 34

We have entered the final week of Bonnie's great adventure.  Looks like we had a burst of snow last night about 1/2 inch.  The yard is completely white again even the driveway.  I had a good nights sleep and got going around 9:15 this morning.  The sun is out bright but its only 23 out so the sun will have to work hard to melt the new snow.

Today was a slow day.  Guess thats because I felt a lot better and really had nothing on my agenda after a phone call canceled my tech training at church tonight.  I watched some TV, read blogs and forums and even a movie "The Company Men".  I did dash out to get the mail, it was damp and cold and chilled me to the bone.  The weekly paper was in the mail so I read that.  I had hoped to nap some but did not feel tired so that did not happen.

I cooked some sausage and corn for supper and then worked on the computer a little updating contacts. I guess that was about it.  I did glance out in the front yard once and the deer were close to the house grazing on the grass, their fur is pretty shaggy this time of the year.  No word from Uganda today.

Time to hit the hay now.

Friday Day 35

Great nights sleep last night.  I laid down a little after 1am and woke up just before 9am then rolled over for another hour.  No sore throat this morning and feeling almost normal.  Had my oatmeal and read the mail.

Had a bowl of soup around 12:30 then headed up to the town building.  It has been snowing hard all morning and very windy again just below freezing.  Route 77 was dicey and snow covered with blowing snow.  I spent 5 hours going over paperwork and files and then called in an order for Chicken Wing Pizza.

The box top says it all

Just enjoyed a couple slices more meals to follow
I grabbed the mail on the way in the drive, nothing to cheer about there.  The snow has let up but it still is windy.  Hope to catch a good movie tonight.  Thats about it for this Friday, no news from Africa.

Saturday Day 36

Got up early today and out the door by 9am picked up by a famous friend that I always enjoy spending time with, especially if we have a project to work on.  No project today just breakfast in at Charlie's and then in to Camping World to look around.  He picked up a few things for his new Motorhome but nothing jumped up and said buy me to me.

Once home he headed to his place to do a little painting and flooring and I settled in for an afternoon of movies.  Then into see the girls for supper and game night with some friends from church.

Ever played Apples to Apples
 An interesting game that I did not come close to winning.

A couple of the fierce competitors
We had a good time and the game broke up after 11 so it is late when I am writing this.  Time to check the mail and then get some shut eye.

Sunday Day 37

Another good nights sleep.  Up this morning and got ready to head to church.  First stop was to pick up the girls.  After church we headed to East Aurora.  I needed to stop at our banks.  One to withdraw and another to deposit at.  Elizabeth had a check she wanted to deposit also.  Then we headed for the value hardware.  Elizabeth is working on a project and had a list of items she needed.  We picked up some paint and screws.  But they did not have the sheet metal she needed.  So out in the car we made a few calls and found what she needed at Home Depot.  Off we headed for Lackawana and the Home Depot on Ridge Road.

They had the metal we got a few more screws and some drill bits.  They used my VA card and gave us a 10% discount.  Then across the street.  Alexus shopped for running shorts and Elizabeth went to Aldi's for milk and sausage.  I think I saw a loaf of bread also.  Finally time to head home.

Them made me lunch egg omelets, toast and sausage.  Then we started on the project.  We accomplished a couple of the tasks today.  Here is what I can show you so far.

Can you guess what the finished product will be?
After that we watched the end of the Race at Bristol and had Apple Crisp for dessert.  Then I headed home.  Just relaxing now and ready to watch a little TV tonight.  Thats about it for this week.  We did hear from the Team in Africa today that they attended Church, but no pictures.

Thanks for Checking In.