Wednesday, March 6, 2013

March Madness

Monday Day 24

I forgot to mention last night that the meatloaf was half goat meat, it was pretty good.  It was a blind test as Elizabeth did not tell us until after we had eaten it.

20 degrees this morning, sunny, and snowing.  It has been snowing for days nothing heavy just constant.  They are forecasting above freezing temperatures starting tomorrow.  Paid some online bills when I got up this morning, rather I checked them as most are auto-pay now.

The snow stopped and I headed out to clean the snow off the driveway, hopefully it will melt the ice that is under the snow.  Then I headed to the back deck and cleared the snow off there also.

Just enough time to take a quick shower and head for Warsaw.  I had a whole list of things to do.  Before I walked out the door I placed a bid on a snowblower on ebay way below retail price.

First stop in Warsaw was to pick up a prescription the Dr had sent a week or so ago.  Then a stop at the VA services to pick up my original DD214 discharge papers that they were finally done with.  Then I headed to the other end of town to pick up more RXs at WalMart as they have good prices on maintenance drugs.  I was running a little ahead of schedule so I checked in at Sears to see if there were any tools on sale but did not see any good deals.  I check the price of a similar snow blower and it was over 500 dollars, I bid 330.  It was still early but I went to the Dr. office anyway.  They put me in line early and I was out of there 15 minutes before my appointment time, that does not happen often.  I am all cleared for another colonoscopy its been over 10 years since my last one.  Then I was off to the pharmacy again to pickup the prep solution for this procedure.  Finally headed home.

I had a voice mail when I got home.  Independent Health wanting more information on the claim we put in last November.  Yep I am still trying to get that $175 bill paid.  I believe they have now spent more than that trying to deny it, while telling me we did everything we were supposed to, but its coded wrong.

Then I headed down to some friends house for dinner and an evening of fellowship.  Another great meal.  Melanie sure can cook a great pot roast and the carrots were like eating candy.  Mashed potatoes and gravy rounded out the meal.  The carrots for so good that her daughter asked for seconds, not just seconds but she asked if she could have 15 more!  The cake for desert was delicious and I have two pieces that I brought home with me.  The girls entertained us with piano and song after they were ready for bed.  Mallory read a bedtime Bible story that I got to pick out.  Then Macy asked me to say a bedtime prayer and off to bed they went.  Mark, Melanie and I talked about camping and many other things and it was very late all of a sudden so I headed home.

Got home and found out that I won the snowblower so I will be headed into East Aurora to pick it up as a replacement to the one I use on the deck that has been giving me issues the last couple of years.

Well its well after midnight and I have a few more things to do then off to bed.

Tuesday Day 25

No snow over night and the sun is out some, still pretty cold.   We did get a couple pictures from Uganda.

Looks like a good deal

At another school 

They seem pretty interested

Teaching how germs spread
Caught up on some reading this morning and then headed out.  First stop was court.  Couple hours up there and then I headed toward East Aurora.  Made a stop at Elizabeths to drop off a TV stand to give to the thrift shop.  Then in to pick up the snowblower at the ebay business.  Headed for home and canceled dinner plans with Elizabeth as we were both pretty tired.  I did take time to set up the snowblower.

The new blower
Trying to stay awake long enough to update this tonight and then off to bed.  I did hook up the GPS to the computer and let it update the maps.

By the way I have these filters that used to fit my 2004 Chevy truck, if you can pick them up and need them give me a call.

Just received this sad news from the team in Africa:
Today we heard the sad news that our friend, Gerald has passed into eternity. We were at Gerald's house when Palmer experienced the scorpion sting. He loved everyone so much and was an inspiration to us all. Please join us as we pray for his family.

Wednesday Day 26

Some SUN this morning and above freezing, while friends in Virginia are getting snow and have the day off due to the snow.  A couple days ago the driveway was all ice and now it is not only clear but dry, I like it.

Watch some recordings and read some this morning.  After I showered I threw in a load of wash and walked out to get the mail, 3 pieces of junk mail, it went in the trash before I came back up stairs.  So far no new pictures today.

Well I got to spend the whole day at home today and other than the wash just took it easy.  Not much else to report on today.

My little sister is having a knee replacement tomorrow morning so please keep her in your prayers.

Thanks for Checking In.