Sunday, March 31, 2013

Spring Just Can't Shut Winters Door


I went to bed early last night, I was really tired from the last two days.  But my cough was back and I just did not sleep well.  I did get up and took some medicine and that seemed to help some.  The phone woke me at 8, telemarketer.  Bonnie was up and told them she did not appreciate their early call and to put us on their do not call list.  These calls from anyone and everyone are just out of control.  I am thankful for caller ID so we don't have to talk to them but they just keep calling day after day, so I may have to start answering and ask them to not call anymore.

Other than the cold that will not quit my body is recovering just fine.  I am not quite up to par but I blame that mostly on the cold.

I did receive a belated birthday present from Bonnie last night.  I had asked for some new Gold Toe socks and she presented me with 16 pair last night.

Nice new socks
We did get a few inches of snow overnight but it melted on the driveway and roads so no big impact.  The forecast does show the next 10 days with daytime temps all above freezing so maybe winter will finally make an exit but I am not counting on that, maybe this time next month.  I sure would like to get the cars cleaned up.

Bonnie took her mom to the Dr today, no broken ribs just a bruised sternum.  She did lots of running around and grocery shopping with her folks arriving home late this afternoon.  I did some hamburgers on the grill and Bonnie dressed them and made some green beans for supper.

We watched a little TV and thats about it for today.  I do hope to watch Syracuse and Indiana at least for a while before I head to bed.


So took NyQuil again last night and slept until 9 this morning.  Of course I stayed up to watch Syracuse beat Indiana and the game ended late.  It was snowing pretty hard when I got up but it did not last long.  As a matter of fact the temp got up into the upper 40s today after the sun broke through the clouds.  I just had no energy today I sure hope I kick this cold soon.  I did wash the towels, Bonnie worked on her scrapbooks.  I tried to nap maybe got a short one.  I even went out and shoveled the snow off the back deck, but still no energy.

We went up the road to Ranchers Choice for their fish fry and then back home.  I tried to nap again no luck.  Well thats about it for today.


Still lots of snow out there but it is melting with the warmer temps and the sun.  Kind of a slow day.  I am still not 100% so after a couple hours at court I just took it easy.

Bonnie worked on her scrapbooks and cleaned some of the house, before she cooked a delicious supper.  We both spent a little time looking at some of our RV related magazines but thats as close as we got to the RV lifestyle today.

Sorry but another slow day.


Up early this morning, did not sleep very well again.  The cold is still hanging on but a little better now everyday.  We were up at 6am to head to sunrise service.  Its our tradition to attend Easter and Mothers day services with Bonnie's mother at her church.  Many of the others in the family try to come also.  Today we had two full rows of family.

Nicole and Briss came from Erie, PA

Newest family member Brielle
Pastor Norm delivers the message
After the early service the church always serves a pancake and sausage breakfast, with fresh local maple syrup.  

Uncle Harry and Norma enjoy their breakfast
Carrissa watches as Jackson enjoys his sausage.  Dad Nick just had a hip replaced and is doing great
After the delicious breakfast we headed to our church for the late service.  We normally only have one service but today there are two, with food and fellowship in between.  Our service was pretty full and our Pastor who is recovering from cancer surgery was able to attend and let us all know how great he is feeling and healing.

Pastor and his wife the day he left the hospital, he looks even better today
After church we went over to Elizabeth's for a ham dinner and some napping for me.  I have not felt real good all day.  We watched a couple movies and then headed home.  Alexus is on break from school this week so she has come home with us to spend a few days.

All I have planned for the rest of the day is watching Duke and Louisville play and taking it easy.  Even though I have been under the weather all week it still has been a great week.

Thanks for Checking In.