Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Busy couple of days


The alarm woke me at 7:30 this morning.  Not raining yet but looks like it will.  I had a routine Dr. appointment so did not want to be late.  It poured just as a headed out the door.  But eased up as quick as it started.  No problems at the Dr in fact they took me in early.  I got the name for a replacement Dermatologist and made my next appointment for October.  I made a quick stop at CVS and picked up one RX.  The others should come from WalMart mail order.  I tried to verify that but they said it takes a day or two to hit the system.  It rained off and on all day so not much got done.  I did get an October appointment with the Dermatologist so am all set there.  Now its off to court.

Turned out to be a pretty busy night at court.  Our court clerk took a much deserved vacation and was in NC seeing here Marine son.  Got home around 9:30 had a sandwich and a while latter some cereal for supper.  Now its off to bed.


Up this morning.  Bad news our Court Clerks flight home was canceled.  So I headed up to court a couple hours early.  Finished up there around 4:30 and headed home.  Bonnie's sisters were at the house visiting and I got to visit with them for a short time before they had to leave.  But we did have some supper or ham and cole slaw that Bonnie made.  Then I was off to Warsaw for court training.  Finally home around 9:30 after picking up Bonnie's RX's and some milk.  Boy am I ever ready for bed and thats were I am headed.  Lots of paper work to catch up on tomorrow.


No rain today just lots on the schedule.  I have banking to do, stop the mail at the post office, pick up Alexus, work at court again and I need to cut grass.  Plus I am learning a new mapping program to help the logging company I help with from time to time.

Ended up cutting grass first since it was nice and sunny.  What a mess the ground is still oozing water.

Lots of mud tracks.
The grass will recover but I stopped before I finished.  Went in and backed up the computer.  Then I worked on a mapping app and we will try it out on Friday and see if it works.  While I was getting lunch I got a text from Alexus that she will be able to ride the bus home so that changed my plans.  I took off for the bank and did that.  I passed the Post Office so I stopped and asked them to hold our mail.  Then home and stopped the paper also while we are gone.  I received a notice from WalMart that my RXs were shipped and FedEx dropped off the shipment of Hemp Hearts.  I am also expecting some nite lites later to come by UPS for the coach.  Amazon Prime is great.  Last night I ordered a new city water port and it should be here tomorrow.

Now I have an hour before heading up to court, maybe I should catch a power nap or print a map for the trip to PA next week.  Phone call from Orville's they will be here in the morning to repair the MW.

Just need to add details
Well I did not get a nap nor did I do the maps, maybe tomorrow.  I did you out and put the tire pressure sensors on the car since we will be towing it Monday.  This may I can make sure the batteries are good and that they are installed properly and do not leak.  Then I headed to court.  Good news is that our clerk made it home on a late flight last night.  Tonight we worked until 9:30pm to catch up on the paperwork.

Well thats it tomorrow we are to have rain again.  Thanks for Checking In.