Sunday, June 30, 2013

Welcomed Rain


Bonnie and I both slept in later than we thought this morning, oh well.  Then it was so hot and humid neither of us felt like doing much.  I got an email form Amazon that they wanted the empty bottle back that leaked.  Seems silly but they pay the postage so not a problem.  I wrapped it up and put the return label on it.  Will either drop it off at UPS or have the UPS man pick it up tomorrow when they bring the replacement.

Bonnie had a meeting in East Aurora so she was gone to that, and then has a hair cut appointment.  I am picking up Alexus for Church and have to make a quick stop at court.  I also took time earlier to destroy our 2000 tax records.  Hoping to do more of that type of cleaning up soon.

Looks like the promised rain is starting.  Not much else happened this evening.  I did take the hard drive out of the enclosure it was in.  I will take it to Huntsville with me and see if we can get the data off it.

Just had a root beer float and now to relax a bit and then get some sleep.


The rain woke me this morning so I rolled over and went back to sleep.  Then the phone woke me the second time.  It was Jason the blacktop guy, he is coming to check out the hole in the blacktop.  Jason came while it was raining but looked at the hole and said no problem they would fix it.  Bonnie has left for her sisters and I am headed up to set up the new digital recorders (laptops) at the court.

Spent over 3 hours but got most of what needed to be done finished.    Still beat Bonnie home.  She got home shortly after me and worked at planting some flowers.  UPS showed up and brought my replacement TSP no leaks and picked up the empty bottle Amazon wanted.

On its way back to Amazon
I went out and tried to adjust the mirrors on the Coach.  Could not get the set screws to budge.  Spayed them with PB Blaster and will try tomorrow.  The sky opened up and it rained hard for almost an hour but no issues here from the rain, there was no wind.  So we are settling in to watch a movie.  Listened to some news looks like north of here over toward Niagara Falls got over 5 inches of rain, way to much for that area lots of flooding.


Woke to the sound of rain and birds again this am.  Got up and closed the windows and got a couple more hours of sleep.  Still raining and the birds of course are now quiet.  The farmers should be happy this surely will make the corn grow.  Plan to work up at court this morning and finish up the month end projects to be ready to leave on Monday morning.  Bonnie says she is staying home and doing wash.

I headed to court in the rain and Bonnie has decided to go shopping.  I spent a few hours up there and came home.  The rain has let up and the sun is breaking through.  Bonnie called she will be gone the rest of the day, could I keep the wash going.  Sure I am out working in the garage but will go in and check on it.  I am still trying to adjust the mirrors and can not get the set screws loose.  Finally tried to move the mirror arms and I was able to move them where I needed them.  So got the mirrors lined up the right way just as Bonnie pulled in.

All properly adjusted now
The day ended up nice and sunny and is cooling off nicely tonight.  Looks like the NASCAR race is rained out.  Well thats about it for tonight.  Tomorrow we will be packing.


Beautiful morning, we are up and heading to Church.  Headed to the bank after church so Bonnie could do a deposit for her Thirty-One business.  Then dropped off Alexus and headed home.  Now its overcast but no rain showing on the radar.

The plan was to relax today and get ready for the trip to Alabama in the morning.  Bonnie was watering plants and I was napping.  We had a nice surprise visit from her parents and a call for help in the way of ideas about my SIL's John Deere tractor.  Other than that we took it easy.

Its early evening now and I am going to post this.  I just need to finish packing my suitcase and we will leave early in the morning for Florence, KY and then on to Huntsville to my son and his wives new house.  Thanks for Checking in.  We should have some more pictures for Wednesday's Post.