Sunday, June 23, 2013

Busy as Beavers


We got to sleep in until 7:00am this morning and we still made it to GAIN in time for breakfast.

This is the building we are working in.
Last night I remembered to take a picture of the spot we are parked in.

Our home for the week here in Manheim, PA
We had a busy and productive day today.  We packed medical supplies that will be sent to 3 locations, unknown exactly where at this time.  We got the pallets loaded up and tomorrow we will shrink wrap them.  Most of the supplies we had been doing have been donated and many are new straight from the manufacturer.

Sorting the pallets of supplies

Kids will like these for scrapped knees and elbows
It was a somewhat cooler day and our work pace was a little slower than the day before.  The time passed quickly and we got extra kelp when we needed it and that was nice.  We had a nice surprise when we got home tonight.  Our hosts the Kellar's had prepared dinner and we all ate in the Pisle's motorhome.  We had a really nice time and it was great to meet the nice people that are allowing us to park here.  We visited until almost dark and then headed back to our coach.  Tomorrow will be another long day.

Sharon, Jon and Rhoda our hosts

Palmer relaxing
Plans have changed a little we are no longer taking Palmer home with us, they have decided to leave for home right after they finish tomorrow afternoon.  So we will stay until Saturday morning and then head for Ives Run a COE campground where my geezer pass gets us a full hood up site for $17.  Plus we will be able to visit Bonnie's brother along the way.  Well thats about it for tonight need to get my beauty sleep.


We were up and at the GAIN site by 7:30am this morning.  Another beautiful day is forecast.  Today was a good day.  We topped off the boxes and shrink wrapped 12 pallet loads of medical supplies.

Bruce our boss wraps a short pallet.
Doug wraps the top of a tall pallet
Doug took vacation from his job yesterday and today to come and help the project.  We could not have finished without his help.

I ran the pallet jack and lined everything up for shipping.
Thanks again Doug
It was 4:30 before we knew it and the day and the week of volunteering was over for us.  Tomorrow we start the trip home.  We rested a bit when we got home and then headed down to the house to visit with the Kilmer's and to thank them for allowing us to park on their property in such a beautiful setting. We chatted until dark and after we all admired what looks like a full moon we headed for the coach.

We are both tired but feel like we got a lot accomplished and know it will make a difference in the lives of people that need help.


Happy Birthday to my lovely wife who looks younger to me every year.  We are getting going this morning.  The plan is to head to Lewisburg park at Walmart unhook the car and go visit Bonnie's brother.  Then latter in the day after shopping at WalMart we will head for Ives Run in Tioga, PA to spend the night.  So far a nice cool day but it is to be 88 later.  We have had a great week and have enjoyed getting to know the Coach better.  We have just been plugged into an extension cord so no air conditioning and limited use of the microwave since it draws 17 amps on its own.  The coffee pot was only 7 which surprised me.  But no blown circuit breakers this week so that is good.  If need be we would have run the generator.  We will use it later today after lunch to run the rooftop A/C to keep cool between Lewisburg and Tioga.  I try to exercise all the systems on the coach, its good for them.

we both packed up things and we were ready to roll.  We headed for the highway and stopped at one of the large church parking lots in the area to hook up the car.  We had a nice short run up to Lewisburg where we stopped to visit with Bonnie's brother for a couple hours.  Then back on the road for another 90 some miles and we pulled into Ive Run at Hammond Lake a little after 5.  This is a nice Corp of Engineers Lake and campground. 88 degrees when we pulled in but the air conditioners are doing a great job.

Home for the night site 36
We had some of Bonnie's pea soup for supper and then some ice cream.  Relaxing and watching a DVD trying out the surround sound, seems to work good.  I walked down to look at site 27, we will be there in September.

Nice and roomy and there is a creek in the woods.  Site 27
Well thats about it for tonight, tomorrow we should arrive home.


Long night of sleep almost 10 hours.  I was up at 8 and Bonnie got up a little after 9.  With the windows shut and the A/C on I never heard an outside noise.  We had our breakfast and Bonnie wanted to try our first load of wash in the Coach.  Its been a little over an hour and it seems to be going good.  It is a combo unit so will go right into the drying cycle.  Sometime after noon we will pickup and head north for home.  Its already in the 80's here so it will be hot and humid today.  Neither of us like that.  Its beautiful here today and I am glad we stopped to relax and catch our breath after a full week.

It worked good
Bonnie finished the load of wash, it took two drying cycles but worked well.  Bonnie wanted to watch a movie so I started that and she made sandwiches.  I never got into the movie, so emptied the tanks and packed stuff in the coach in preparation for hitting the road.  The movie finished around 2:30.  Bonnie vacuumed the carpet and packed the last stuff.  We pulled out right at the 3:00pm checkout time.  In fact while we were hooking a young female ranger came up to talk to me to make sure we were moving as fast as we could hooking up the car.

We had a nice ride home.  Lots of wind today and we ran both roof airs and the dash air, it still was a little warm for Bonnie.  We got off at Dansville to avoid the 9ton weight limit in Warsaw.  Route 436 is really hilly and we did not get home till 5:30.  We unloaded quickly and headed into Elizabeth's for Bonnie's birthday dinner.

Dinner was great.  Time to post this and relax a while.

Thanks For Checking In.