Sunday, June 9, 2013

Maiden Camping Trip--In the Rain


So the UPS truck came after I posted last night, but it was still light.  So I went out and changed out the broken lamp bracket and while I was at it put the Halon Fire Extinguisher.

New Bracket

We have light

Automatic Halon Ext.
It was raining hard when I woke up this morning so I laid back down to make the time pass.  It continued to rain and Bonnie did not get up until 10:30, but thats ok we are not in a hurry.  We tried to pick a time when it was not raining so hard.  We put everything going to the coach in covered tubs and loaded them into the Ranger.  Bonnie got in the coach and I passed stuff in.  Then disconnected the power cord and fired up the CAT engine.  Then I pulled out and Bonnie pulled in behind in the CRV.  We hooked up the Tow Bar and checked the brakes and lights, all set.  We pulled out and the exhaust brake did a good job holding us back going down the hill.  Still raining hard as we turned North.  We had a pretty good trip, no phantom alarms caused by the wetness, the wipers worked fine, and the coach ran good.  Only event was some guyed pulled out in front of us but he got going in a hurry.
We got checked in and unhooked the car.  Then set up in the ran we got backed in easily and leveled up.  I had to flip a few of the slide seals and could not get one high section.  Of course after a couple hours it leaked a little.  I could not find my coax for the cable TV but found all else.  Bonnie fixed supper and then we ran into Albion to Wal-Mart to get the coax cable.  It was just sprinkling when we got back so I got out the ladder and flipped the last part of the slide seal so hopefully the dripping will stop in a while.  TV are working and we are relaxing.  Bonnie is getting the inside set up and the beds made so we should be set for the evening.

She likes the heated massage chair
Found another leak at bed time, yep the bed is a bit damp.


We were up this morning the bed pretty much dried out overnight and no further leaks as the rain had all but stopped.  After breakfast and some email the Hanson's pulled in.  I went out and helped Art get lined up on the site and then left him alone to set up.  Each of us has our own way of setting up so its best to leave people alone so they remember to do everything.  They came over to look over the new to us coach and brought Jake their well mannered Rat Terrier.  We ate lunch after they left to finish settling in.  Then Donna came over and invited us to go visit some Amish stores with them.  We decided to drive and Jake was invited along also.

First Stop Miller's
My sister needs this type of service

Pretty Flowers
Then we moved on to another store run by the Millers

Fabric and toy store mostly Fabric

The casher rode up on the bike and had no shoes on
 The Millers live upstairs and notice the solar panels and wind generator.  Inside they had led lights for lighting.

This is Jake eyeing some Geese
 We pulled into Golden Hill State Park to show Bonnie the Light House.  This is where we saw the geese.

Then on the way back to the campground we came upon this family and had to turn around a get a picture.  The babies headed toward the car when I stopped Momma was getting ready to defend the brood so I stepped on the gas.

Bonnie counted 5 babies
As we arrived at the entrance to the campground this canal boat was going by.  We stopped for a picture and a wave to the boatmen.

These are for rent on the canal


Had a great nights sleep I was up at 8:20 thats when the coffee maker came on.  I woke Bonnie at 9 as we were going next door to Jakes 5th Wheel for breakfast.  Donna was making waffles and boy were they good.  The we sat and talked about all subjects great and small until well after noon.

Art and Bonnie solve some of the worlds problems

Jake was feeling left out

Donna and I listened to Art and Bonnie
Jake wanted to go for a walk and Bonnie and I headed over to our place.  I read a few emails and then took a nap.  Woke up and read some more.  Update the blog and then dug out the grill and grilled up some steaks for supper.  We actually saw the sun briefly at 5:30pm.  We sat outside with the Hanson's and had a nice supper.  After supper we cleaned up and Art started a fire.  It was a beautiful evening hard to believe it rained the last two days.  The sun came out again around 7:30.  We talked some more about nutrition and I ordered some Hemp Hearts after listening to Art tell about the benefits.  It was cooling off Jake went on another walk and Bonnie headed in.  I stayed a while longer and we roasted some marshmallows and talked some more.  Finally cool enough that we all headed in for the night.  Watched a little tv, typed up the blog and read a little.

Toasty around the fire!


Woke to a beautiful morning,  I had my oatmeal and coffee and finished just as Bonnie got up.  Jake was just getting back from taking Art and Donna on a walk along the Erie Canal.  We chatted for an hour and then decided it was time to pack up and head home.  I filled my fresh water with the city water as we are headed for a week of mooch docking down in PA soon.  Then dumped the tanks while Bonnie packed up the inside.  We used the slap bracelet reminders on the steering wheel and they worked well.  The only thing we forgot were the sliding doors.

Minor issue on the way home was the wait to travel warning light kept coming on.  Its part of the air leveling system.  I finally pulled over, ran through an auto level cycle, then went to travel mode and the light stayed off the rest of the way home.  We stopped at the church in Varysburg and unhooked the car.  No problem backing into the driveway.  We unloaded our stuff into the Ranger and Bonnie took it up to the house.  I hooked up the electric and closed things up.

After a piece of warmed up pizza I headed up to court to work on the computer.  I was able to get it working and started a virus scan before heading into Cheektowaga to the Apple store.  I wanted to get the Apple Care for my iPhone before my 30 days was up.  They were not busy so I was taken care of with in minutes.  One of the old employees notice my Wall Drug T-Shirt and we chatted for a while, he lived near Wall for a few years.  Then as I cut thru Best Buy another employee there commented on my T shirt.  I headed back to court and found clean virus scans so hopefully we should be all set for tomorrow night.

Finally back home after 7pm I am beat.  Ate a little and relaxed, I have a stiff neck (stress) so have heat on it.  Now to post this, shower and get a good nights sleep.  I have a Dr appointment in the morning, routine.

Thanks for Checking In.