Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Prep for the next trip


Home for a week good nights sleep until just before dawn.  Thats when the birds started, I tried to sleep longer but gave in and got up.  Back to my Oatmeal, Coffee, Banana, Coffee routine.  We have a lot of TV recored so I watch one.  Bonnie was up by then and so I turned the TV over to her.  She started catching up on the wash and I headed down to the Post Office to get the mail.  Then started on cutting the grass.  It was hot and humid by 12:30 and I had had enough, so headed in for lunch and to cool down.

Bonnie noticed that a hole has developed in the blacktop off to side of the extra they put in for me by the parking pad.

Oh My
We need tires for the CR-V and I found pretty good prices at BJ's.  I like to put good tires on our vehicles and usually go with Michelin.  I put 4 new Michelin Defender XT tires on with lifetime repair, rotation and balancing.  The factory tires only had 26,000 miles but they were down to the wear indicators.  Odometer only reads 19,190 but we have also towed the car over 7000 miles.  These new tires have a 90,000 mile tread warranty.  So we should be all set.

Curtis did a good job I think
Got home from there and got caught up reading the mail and sorting bills.  Now time to relax and watch a little TV.  Bonnie went out to get signatures on petitions for the upcoming November elections.


Surprise overcast this morning and the birds were not singing enough to wake me before sunrise.  I was still up before 8.  Stripped the bed and started the wash to clean the sheets.  Bonnie was up and dressed to mulch around a few of the trees before it gets too hot.  I have to do some court work and a trip to the post office and bank.  I also remembered to have the mail held and paper stopped for the next trip, more on that later.  It may not get too hot today if it stays overcast, actually we could use a little rain.

Headed up to court ended up spending about 6 hours up there.  New digital recorders came in and I was busy starting to set them up.  Bonnie had picked up Alexus and the two of them went shopping, oh my.  When I go home I changed and jumped on the mower to finish up the lawn, its been looking like it might rain all day but none so far.  Not quite as hot as yesterday.  Went out to read the electric meter and found a deer next to the meter.

Guarding the meter
Bonnie got home and we watched more of our recording for the rest of the evening.


I have nothing scheduled for today.  Bonnie is volunteering at Buffalo City Mission today.  I did go out and work on the RV a little.  I installed a drawer catch on one of the kitchen drawers that likes to open in travel.  Then picked up the mail and came in for lunch.

FEDEX delivered some things today, but with a problem.  I had ordered some Holding Tank treatment and it leaked and soaked the box.

The box just fell apart


The leaking bottle
There was wet tread tape in there also, I was able to save it and installed it on the other two slides on the coach to help flip the slide seals.  The water filter box was soaked but the cartridge was shrink wrapped and safe.

Bonnie got home and we headed out to visit a friend who just had surgery.  Happy to say he is doing well and we had a nice visit.  Came home and worked a little on our November trip down the East Coast and a week in Florida.

Thats about it for the start of the week.  Next trip is in 4 days, stay tuned for the destination.  The new tires on the CRV are great the ride is much softer and smoother than the old ones.

Thanks for Checking In.