Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Getting ready to roll, and a visit to the hospital


Wow when its cool, the windows are shut so its quiet and you do not hear the birds chirping its easy to sleep in.  Just got up at 9.  Plan for today is to work on mounting the Fire Extinguishers in the coach and starting up the refrigerator to let it cool down.  We plan to roll out later this week for a few days of camping.  Bonnie is washing the sheets and towels so its all starting to come together.

I went out and plugged in the Coach and turned on the Refrigerator.  I turned on the gas and it lit off on that.  Then I tried the AC it worked a couple minutes and then the ground fault circuit in the garage kicked out.  Tried another circuit and same thing.  So I took the ground fault out of that circuit and all is well.  I had trouble with the other MH also on those circuits.  Then I spent some time mounting the fire extinguishers.  I managed to get two mounted the third one requires the bosses OK since it is in the kitchen.

This is the bed room one.  Have to find a home for the swiffers also
By the front door
I have 6 fire extinguishers on board.  One on the outside, 4 inside and one halon one for in the refrigerator compartment.  So 3 are mounted and 3 still have to be done.  Lunchtime its 2pm.

Checked the refrigerator and the freezer is down to 24 and the refrigerator down to 48 thats pretty good for just a few hours.  Well time to head up to court for the evening.

Not too busy tonight and so got home before dark.  Checked the refrigerator and its cooling nicely.  No ice yet though.  Now a little TV then some reading.


I woke up early this morning after a good nights sleep, nice and cool again.  After breakfast and some email and blog reading I headed out to the bank.  Just before I left Bill stopped in to look at the cherry tree that was half blown over last winter.  He had some things to do and was planning to come back around 2 or 3.  I checked the refrigerator in the Coach and it was down to 17 and 33, but no ice.
So I went and did my banking and spent a couple hours at court.  Then back home.

I down loaded the manual for the ice maker and was just starting to check it out when Bill pulled in.  We went to work on the tree he cut it and I pulled it down with the tractor winch.

Safely on the ground
This was at 3:00pm
The trick is loaded by 3:58
We got all but 2 big pieces and a bunch of small pieces on the truck.

The time on the picture says 4:01all done
Bill did all the cutting and I picked up the branches and pieces that were too small.  He loaded the chunks into the Ranger and then the truck.  After Bill left I patched up the ground as best I could, picked up some branches and moved on to the next project.

Time to put up the flag pole and flags, I am very late this year.  I had to cut of the bottom couple feet that got bent in a storm last year.  I mounted the lights on top, moved the clasp and hoisted the flags.  Two of the clasps broke so I need to order a couple of them.

Good to have the flags up, yes thats my Navy flag on the bottom
Next job was to take out the garbage and recycle bin out to the road.  Now its time to look at the ice maker, still no ice.  I ran the tests that the book said and I have power and the motor is not running.  Everything else is working.  Into the house to eat a little supper.  Bonnie is preparing for her procedure so could not eat, just has to drink the gallon of stuff.

Out with the old

In with the new
While I was in the house I did a little research and found that Lowes had a replacement ice maker in stock so I changed clothes and headed in there.  The guys in the appliance dept looked at the old ice maker and I told them it was from a Norcold RV refrigerator.  They shook their heads.  I said here is the Lowe's stock number and it should fit.  They pulled one off the shelf and were surprised to see that it was the same thing.  On the road again back home.  I set the new ice maker up and one electrical connection and 6 screws later its back in the coach.  Hopefully in the morning we will have some ice.

Time to relax.  Whats up the Dish TV is not working.  I rebooted and still nothing just a black screen.  I tried the DVR and it worked.   By the time that show was over the DISH was working again.  Interesting that has not happened before.  Well I better get to bed we had for the hospital at 7:30am.


Bonnie was up at 4am to finish her preparation and I got up at 7am and we left the house at 7:30 to arrive at the hospital just before 8am.  We were there until about 11 all is well for another 5 years.  We stopped for a few things at TOPS and while Bonnie was in there I fueled up the car.  Then we headed home.  Bonnie fixed lunch while I changed clothes.

I headed out to fix a few things on the coach.  The good news is that we have ice in the freezer, the new ice maker is working.

First thing was to air up the one tire that seems to have a slow leak.

Wish I could find the slow leak
Then I had a couple compartments that were not locking.  One had broken wires and the other had a messed up lock actuator.  I was able to fix both of them.

Wires pulled out of connector

New style of connectors

All fixed just needs the cover
I got the ok on mounting the third fire extinguisher and mounted it.  Then I moved the air fitting for the aux brake and mounted the tow bar.  So I think we are about ready to go tomorrow.  Just have to load our clothes and the rest of the food.

I am waiting on the light bracket for the refrigerator light and its on the UPS truck so should be here later and I think it is just two screws.