Wednesday, June 19, 2013

On the Road to do some volunteer work


I was up at 6:30 this morning headed to the dentist.  Dr Joe was nice enough to come in early and replace a filling for me.  Then I headed home and load things into the coach and we were on our way.   All went well for about 100 miles then the ride got very rough.  We tried a few things but no remedy.  To make a long story short I believe that the front air suspension is not staying inflated like it should when we are driving down the road.  Hope to get it looked at tomorrow or the next day.  We got to GAIN in time to get a few instructions.  Then we went out with a group and had a very nice and filling dinner.  Then to the farm we are staying at and we set up the Coaches for the night.  We have 15 amps for it looks like we are set for the evening.  Time to get to bed now as 5:45am will come early.

The forklifts were busy when we arrived
Palmer and Sharon saying hello to old friends

So the alarms went off at 5:45am this morning and we were in the car by 6:25.  We picked up Sharon and Palmer and headed to Gain.  We even got to eat breakfast when we got there and got some last minute instructions.  Then we got our assignment.  We were to help sort and pack used donated clothing.

Bonnie packing clothes
We wore the red hats so people knew who to ask questions of.  We got lots of help and the clothes were unpacked, sorted and repacked in the wooden boxes.  They when go to the bailing machine where 3 boxes are emptied into the machine to be compressed and bailed before shipping.

We got our morning break at 10:30 and everyone had to leave the warehouse floor and go into the Gospel hall so the fork lifts could move around safely.  Plus there were snacks.  During the break I went outside and called Coach Net to see about a repair shop to look at the coach.  They called back with the info and I called and set up an appointment for tomorrow morning.   Then back out and I continued packing clothes and Bonnie moved to an area to pack medical supplies.  By the time lunch time came my knees were all but locked up it took a while for them to bend when I sat down.  Bonnie joined me at lunch and we discussed tomorrow.

Lunch is underway, all the chairs filled up
After lunch I asked for a new job where I could sit and was given the job of tying the first knot for the story bracelets they make.  It has to be in a certain spot so there is a jig that you use.  Then others put the beads on and tie the finishing knots.  I sat next to Dennis from Michigan so we had an interesting talk all afternoon and tied lots of knots.
Tying knots
The lady packing the finished bracelets told me that there were 19,000 done already, thats a lot of bracelets.  We had several really hard rain storms today and the coach stayed dry inside, good news.  There were even flash flood watches.  On the way home we stopped at a huge Amish auction and farmers market.  Bonnie picked up a few things.  My legs said take a quick look and wait in the car.  Bonnie was not gone long and the others were going to ride home in the other car.

We skipped supper and Bonnie was in bed by 7:30pm.  I am trying to be quite but have been told I am not succeeding.  It is beautiful here in Lancaster county and we are parked next to a corn field and horse pasture, interesting smells.  Different than the cow smells back home.  An Amish buggy will go by every one in a while with the clip clop of the horses.

Well I am going to get a shower (more noise) and read and hopefully get to bed soon, I need to head for the repair place early in the am, about 22 miles away.


The day started early I pulled out of our spot at 7am to head 22 miles south to Willow Street, thats a town in PA.  Thats where the repair shop that Coach Net found me is located.

Small shop but they know their business
The GPS took me all back winding roads but I was there before 8.  They had one coach in the bay and moved a cat so I could pull in.  They evidently do a lot of coach work here as another pulled in right after me.  I met Jim and Randy the owners and Randy crawled under the coach and quickly found the problem.  The rubber part of the linkage was broke on the from ride height control valve.  Randy checked their parts and they had a parts kit.  So about an hour of labor and 40 bucks in parts we were all fixed up and checked out.  I was back on the farm where we are staying parked and set up again.  The ride was much improved and all seems well.  I called Bonnie and she picked me up during the morning break and I headed back to GAIN with her.  This is the link to where we are.   GAIN

I tied some more knots until lunch time and then after lunch switched to using the knotted cords to make the Gospel Bracelets.

A good supply of beads

The finished product
These are used to tell the Gospel story.  Bonnie and team gave out hundreds of these in Africa in January.  Before I knew it time for the afternoon break was upon us.

Presentation during the afternoon break.
Bonnie came and found me and asked me to work with her in sorting and packing medical supplies.  She was working with Bruce up in the loft.  So I headed up to help her in the loft.  Mostly I used the pallet jack to move boxes and I open boxes and broke down boxes.  Before I knew it it was time for supper.  Tonight is the late night.  So we have supper from 4 until 6 and then a large group of people came in to work until 8pm.  We went back up in the loft and worked until 7 when Bonnie said she had enough, I beat even before that.  So we cleaned up and told everyone we would see them tomorrow.

Bonnie in the medical supply area

View from the loft

Lots of busy people
The coach was hot when we got back but the fans are doing a good job of cooling it down, and it will cool down tonight.  We both had nice showers and now can relax and hopefully get a good nights sleep.

Thats about it for the first part of this week and this trip.  Thanks for Checking In.