Sunday, July 7, 2013

Rain--Flash Flood watch


Happy 4th of July, so far we have had about 3 inches of rain today.  Not sure much is going to happen today.  The kids are hoping to go to the pool if the rain stops.  We were able to get in touch with the Alston's, friends from Buffalo and hope to be able to see them Saturday.  Well the rain let up a little.  Robby went out to work on the gutters that were overflowing and the girls put on bathing suits and headed to the pool.

Cleaning and repitching the gutters

Almost done
It rained again before Robby finished and before the girls got to the pool.  No lightning so they did swim for a while.  Robby got soaked also.  Then he grilled the chicken in the rain also.  Ashley got home from work and we watched the Macy's fireworks on TV from NYC.


It was raining again this morning and continued off and on all day.  So not much to do outside again today.  Robby and I did go out for a while and look at a towable that he is interested in.  Then we made a stop at Walmart to pick up a few things.  Then back home the girls were coming back from an attempt to go to the pool but it rained again so they came home.  Bonnie and the girls worked on supper.

Preparing celery
So today was pretty much all rain and food.  Ashley's mom and sister stopped in.  Robby and I picked up some pizza for supper and now its late and time for bed.  Hopefully it will not rain all day tomorrow.


Still raining when we got up this morning.  Another day pretty much house bound.  Robby is working at setting up some beds.

Mid morning snack
Reagan and I spent a couple hours out in the garage watching the ducks Fred and Lucy, rumor is they roam the neighborhood and keep the geese away.

Riding in the rain
Fred and Lucy
Rain most of the day
Then we headed over to Rosie's Canteena and had a nice dinner with our friends from NY John and Sandy,

At Rosie's
Good eating
Then we headed to 32 degrees a frozen yogurt place and visited some more.

A rainbow greeted us
Then drove on home with just a few sprinkles on the windshield.  Alexus is spending the night with Sandy and John and we are planning to attend church with them in the morning.


We were up early and got ready for church.  We were meeting John and Sandy friends from NY for church.  Alexus had spent the night with them.  So off we went.  About half way there I realized it was an hour earlier than we thought.  Bonnie had looked at her watch but it was still on East coast time so we pulled into a Hardee's for coffee and a biscuit.

On the floor near my foot.
We finally headed to the apartment and met up to ride together for church.  They attend the Rock Worship Center, its a lot like our church back home.

Bonnie, John, Sandy, and Me
After church we had a bite to eat at IHOP waiting for their new house to open.  They have bought a model home and have to wait for the new model home to get finished up and readied for them to move in by the 26th.

We headed back to Robby's and it looks like we are having a cook out for supper.  They are all at the pool right now so I am going to post this.  We will be heading north in the morning and hope to be home Tuesday.

We passed NASA on the way back and went right past the Saturn V rocket.

Snapped this on the way by.
Thanks for Checking In.