Sunday, July 21, 2013

A Few Repairs and something new


Already hot and humid when we got up this morning.  I was up till after 1 am waiting for it to cool off so slept for about 8 hours.  I had some breakfast, Bonnie and I had devotions together and then I helped her load some things in the van to take to the consignment store with her sister.  I had the camera to take some pictures but it was just to hot to even remember to do that.

Plan is to cut some grass after lunch, the riding mower creates a breeze but it is still hot.

Well I got most of the rest of the grass cut today and then came in to shower.  Then I headed into the mall and picked up a new Apple iMac 27 inch computer.

It came in a big box, impressed with Apple's packaging
My old Vista maching has been giving me lots of error messages and so I decided to replace it before it failed.  Tomorrow I hope to start to set up the new one.  Then it was on to church for the worship team practice.  Sunday will be my first time running the projector for the service.  Practice started late, I drank to much coffee and now it is 1am and I am still pretty much awake.  But I am heading to to lay down and try to sleep.

Unpacked and set up to start loading it tomorrow

Well another stinking hot day.  Just opened the windows tonight around 7:30pm.  I went out of the house once today and that was to go out and get the mail.  The rest of the time I have been preparing the new computer and moving files from the old one.

Setting up the new Apple
Like many I really need to go through the files and get rid of the ones that I really do not need.  Same with pictures.  Maybe that will be a winter time project, so much time a day to review and delete.  So not much to say about today.  Now we are waiting for the cold front to go through and cool it off.

Well the rain and storms came.  The rain blocked the satellite signal and then the power went out.  It came back on before the generator could kick in.  The first wave passed and it cooled off some.  Then the second wave came a little after midnight and knocked the power off and it stayed off till after 3am.  The generator got a work out.  I called NYSEG a little after 1am and said there were no reported outages in our area, so I put in a report.  Its always good to call and make sure they know.


After the power came back on I slept good and managed to not wake up until after 9.  Then after breakfast I headed to court for a couple hours.  Now its time to take the old computer apart and hook up the new one.  Raining again and the water is running in the back yard.

Lots of rain again over 3.23 inches since last night
Bonnie got wet while out so stayed out in the rain weeding the garden and pavers.

Weeding and getting cooled off
Only thing in the mail today was a sensor for the RV tires.

Now to figure out how to program it into the system
Well back to the computer project while Bonnie watches an old movie "Dirty Dancing".

I moved all the old computer parts, cleaned and dusted everything and set up the new computer.

Won't look this neat till I clean up next time
Wow its after 6.  I was hoping for corn tonight I had sent a text to Merle's earlier and found out they have had corn for 3 days.  So I texted Mary and let her know I was on my way.

Finally corn is on the sign

Its was after 6 but I was able to pick up the corn as they were still open.
Bonnie did the corn in the microwave with the husks on, then cut off the bottom, and the corn squirts out without the silk.  Boy it was good and we had it with a chicken sandwich.  The girls had been at a pig roast today and they stopped on the way back home to say hello.

Its nice and cool so it should be a good night for sleeping.


Well once I got to bed a slept good.  Then up at 7am to get ready to leave for church.  I had to be there around 9 as today was my first day of working in the video booth for the service.  I realized my shoes were out in the coach so I had to put out the back slides to get into the cabinet where they were.   All went well during the service and Bonnie went early with me.  The sermon was really good today and was the third in a series on marriage.  We headed home, first stop was at a roadside stand to pick up more corn for lunch, and a zucchini that we stopped and dropped off at Elizabeths.

Another dozen ears
The corn yesterday was so good we picked up another dozen ears and had them for lunch, then a few hours later we had some pizza.  My plan was to nap some today, which I did in my chair but my snoring kept waking me.  So I went out and programmed and installed the sensor on the coach wheel.  I also put some lime out in the toilet that would not hold water last week.  I also did a little research on where to buy the tank sensors for my Aladdin system.  It tells me how full my holding tank is and does not seem to be working.  Then I checked the backup lights that were not working and found both the bulbs to be burned out.  So lots more on my list to do this week.  Finally I think I can relax and watch some movies with Bonnie.

Its been a busy but a good week, first it was hot and now it is very comfortable.  Thanks for Checking In.