Sunday, July 14, 2013

Camping in Jamestown


I woke up around 7 to a bright sunny day.  Bonnie was up around 7:30.  We had breakfast and finished packing for the trip.  We pulled out of the driveway around 10:05 headed for Jamestown.  First stop was Native Pride in Irving, NY to fill up with 80 some gallons of diesel at 3.59 a gallon.  Then we jumped back on the  thruway and headed for Hidden Valley Camping area in Jamestown.  Several of the couples were already there and a few more were not far behind us.  Tomorrow even more will be here.  I think 28 are signed up for dinner on Saturday.

Hugs all around
We made a run into town with the Pitts and had dinner at Davidson's a nice casual place known for their fish frys.

Even the fish sandwich was huge
Then a quick stop at WalMart to pick up some last minute supplies and some Blue Bunny Ice Cream.  The Pitts used the "Self Check Out" lane.  It took a cashier and a manager to get it to work and then it was wrong and they had to go to the managers position to get a refund.

Anyone else have a love/hate relationship with self-checkout machines?
Then back to camp where Bonnie read and I joined the circle at the campfire.

Then as the fire burned down we all called it a night and headed for the coaches.  Now as it approaches midnight I am calling it a night.


I heard the coffee brewing around 7:45 this morning so got up and started my day.  Its very foggy out and quite overcast.  The forecast promises sun later which will raise the 58 degree temperatures into the mid 70's.  I have to add some fluid to the Hydo-Hot boiler as it looked low last night.  Not sure where it goes but a search on line indicates that they all use fluid.  We should have a lot of folks pulling in today so there will be lots of visiting and an early fish fry is planned at a very popular place.

Two more couple arrived today and we did a lot of sitting around and visiting.  Bonnie searched the creek and came home with a few new fossils to add to her collection.  Then around 4pm we headed to Sugar Grove for our tradition Friday Fish Fry.  The food was excellant and I think we had 17 people at the table.

Camp fire was started and again lots to talk about and share.

The Fire is Lit

Giant building blocks
Beautiful fire to end a wonderful day

I called it a night at 11 and came in to update the blog.  Now its almost midnight and time to get some sleep.


Woke up to a beautiful morning.  Breakfast was fantastic.  Biscuits and Gravy, Bacon or Sausage egg and cheese sandwiches, coffee and fruit wow, we already knew we would skip lunch.  Then a little rest in the coach.  An hour or so later the past members that were coming for the day started to roll in.  The circle of chairs formed out by the campfire and the visiting and catching up on each other began.

Bonnie went rock hunting and I visited until 2 when a lot went to the campground ice cream social, I went to the coach to relax.  Then Bonnie came back and after a brief rest backed corn bread in the convection/microwave oven.  She did a wonderful job and it looks great.

Bob Taylor pulled in today, he has a brand new Holiday Rambler Endeavor and he was gracious and allowed us all to tour his new coach.  It is very nice and he will enjoy many happy miles in it.

We had a ham dinner with a ton of side dishes, Bonnie's cornbread received lots of nice compliments, but the fact that it had jalapeño peppers in it scared off some people.  Anyway we were all stuffed after a delicious meal and the desserts were just as great also.  Then the campfire started and I sat out there until 11:30.  Since it is now well after midnight I am calling it a night.


We were up and ready for breakfast at 9am again this morning.  We had a light meal of left overs from yesterday and the sausage grey and biscuits were a big hit again.  Then we visited and said good by to all those that were leaving today.  All but 8 of us are leaving today and then 6 of us leave on Monday.  Wow was it hot today.   The internet has been super slow and we can not get pictures uploaded.

Five of us played some cards most of the afternoon as it was to hot to seat outside.  It was a good way to pass the afternoon.

The eight of us got together and had a pot luck with all the left overs we had more that enough to eat as usual.  Then it was campfire time and we had a good time visiting again around the fire.  Around 11pm Carolyn brought out the fixings for smores and most of us had one and boy were they good.  Finally time to say good night as the dew was really settling in.  Well its almost midnight and I am heading for the bed.  Sorry we can't upload picture.

Thanks for Checking In