Sunday, July 28, 2013



Great sleeping weather again last night.  Another beautiful day in store today.  I got my new keyboard and trackpad set up that came in the big brown truck yesterday.

This one has a keypad and usb ports
Read my email and blogs this morning and then it was time to leave to get Alexus.  After dropping her off at home I headed home.  Changed clothes and jumped on the mower to cut the grass out by the road.  Then I replaced the parts on the trimmer that came this morning so it was ready to go.

All fixed and ready to go.
First I headed out back and picked up the rocks and wood that had washed into the yard during the storms last week.

The smaller rocks that the mower likes to throw
These have made it to the edge of the yard

This washed down out of the woods
They it was time to run the trimmer for a while and trim some of the yard.

The before and

The After
Made some chicken sausage for supper with beans and cottage cheese.  Now to work on iBank some and then relax with some TV for a while.


Well I did not do to much today but the day sure went by fast.  I worked on the computer some this morning and then headed up to court.  Then I headed to church to pick up Alexus.  We stopped at Tim Horton's for a treat and then off to her house to spend the afternoon.  I watched some tutorials on iBank and she took a nap.  Elizabeth had a pot roast in the crock pot and it sure smelled good and was making me hungry.

Finally Elizabeth is home and the pot roast was served.  It tasted great and lived up to the great smell that enticed us all afternoon.  Then we headed over to drop off Alexus for a sleep over.  We watched a little TV and I headed home.

Not a very exciting day but it is what it is.


Well another boring day sorry.  I went to court this morning and then spent the afternoon transferring all our Quicken data to iBank.  I am glad I did a lot of preparation, it took a long time but it seems to have gone very smoothly.  Now relaxing watching Ice Station Zebra an old classic.  Then off to bed.  It looked like rain all day and now it is.

I did have a nice bowl of watermelon that Bonnie had cut up.

Up this morning and ready for church.  However today I headed for Castile Baptist to hear the mission report from the group that went to the Dominican Republic.  This trip got started when Bonnie and I sat next to a couple at a dinner theater almost 2 years ago.  So it was great to go and listen to their experiences.

Each member got to share their story
They all did a great job and there were some very good stories and they all had a great experience.  It was almost 1:30 so I order a pizza from Praller's and picked it up on the way home.  Gas was up to $3.79 and I filled up the car.  Later I saw it was $3.87 at the Yellow Goose.

I watched some of the NASCAR race but napped mostly.  I was sleepy so set the alarm so I would not miss leaving on time to get Bonnie.  I checked and her flight was on time.  I had talked to her earlier and knew she was at the airport.

Time to leave for the airport
I just got parked at Denny's just outside the airport when Bonnie called and said she had her luggage.  I headed into the airport and there she was.  It was almost 6 so we headed out to Chili's for supper.  I had a gift card from a Christmas Gift so we were able to use that.  On the way home we stopped to see how the girls were doing and then finally got home.

Now its time to get this posted and look forward to the new week.  Thanks For Checking In.