Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Guess who's going to Atlanta


Got my 8 hours of sleep and got up around 9ish.  Bonnie got up shortly there after.  We had breakfast and got the day started.  Bonnie wanted to weed wack today so on my way out we started the trimmer and checked it out.  I headed to court to check the computer, all is well.  Then off to church to pick up Alexus as she is volunteering at VBS this week.

Got there just as day one was ending.
We headed home and she said she had a good first day.  Once home I noticed the trimmer on the back of the Ranger and trimmer string wrapped around it and tools laying around, I should have taken pictures.  I had to look around for the new trimmer string but found it on the seat.  Looks like Bonnie ran out of string and tried to fix it, good for her.  I wound new string on the spool and put it back together.  Something did not look right and sure enough once I got the book out it was missing the piece that cuts the string when it automatically feeds out.  So a quick search on the internet and ebay and I located the parts I needed.  The trimmer is a Stihl and is over 20 years old so parts are getting harder to find.  So they are in the mail and should be here in a few days.

I am looking for a good MAC program to replace Quicken.  Quicken does not make a good program for the MAC.  I down loaded a trial version of iBank and it looks pretty good, just does things a lot different than Quicken, so the learning curve is steep.

Its been raining for several hours now and its time to head to bed.


Another good night to sleep, I did not get tired until around 2am.  Then slept about 7 hours.  After breakfast I got ready to head to court.  I was planning to pick up Alexus from VBS again but Bonnie decided to go to East Aurora after she picked up her glasses in Chaffee.  So I headed up to court for a couple hours.

Made it home and worked some more on the new computer to find a replacement for Quicken.  After 20+ years using quicken it is hard to switch, but I do not like having to use windows on the the new computer for one or two programs.  Once Bonnie got home we took out the garbage and settled in for a nap and a little TV.

Bonnie is packing for her trip to Atlanta tomorrow and its raining again.  It did not rain long so thats good.


It was nice and cool to sleep and I even close all the windows.  It got into the high 50's and without the birds to wake me I slept until 9am.  Then had to get a move on.  We had breakfast and then carried Bonnie's suitcase down to the car.  We headed to the airport at 10:30  After I dropped her off I headed to Elma to pick up Alexus from VBS.  Bonnie's flight was on time so thats good news.  It was nice and sunny when I got home.  So decided to fix a couple things on the coach.  I had stopped at Carquest in Depew and picked up the light bulbs I needed to replace the ones on the coach.

Looks like I can get to the backside of the light assembly

East to see that the light is blown
 The lights were easy to replace so I moved on to the next thing.  One of the snaps was missing for the sun screen and MCD had supplied a replacement one.  So I got the drill and put in a pilot hole.

Snap missing from hole

All installed and ready for the sunshade
It was going on 2 when I finished so I headed in for some lunch.  When I checked I confirmed that Bonnie's flight had landed on time.  She texted that she was taking MARTA downtown and later I heard that she was settled into the hotel.

I grilled some hamburgers Bonnie had got for me and fixed a salad to go with it.  Had a call from Bonnie that she was finally registered and safely back in her hotel room.  It is down to 53 already tonight and I am shutting windows again.

Well the internet has been off and on tonight and it is almost midnight so I am going to see if this will post.  Thanks for Checking In.