Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Travel Mode


Not much to say about today.  We were up and on the road by 9am this morning.  We drove over 550 miles and changed time zones so lost an hour.  We arrived in Mansfield, Ohio around 6:30pm.  The girls needed a pitstop 5 minutes from the hotel and of course the skies opened up with a heavy rain just as we pulled in.  We parked under the covered entrance and checked in.  I parked a few minutes later and got a bit wet.  Then the rain passed and we headed to Cracker Barrel for dinner.  Now a little relaxing while we listen to more thunder, and hopefully get a good nights rest here in the Hampton Inn.
Less than 6 hours of driving left to get home tomorrow.  Thats about it for today.


We were up shortly after 7am this morning.  I showered and headed down for a hot breakfast at the Hampton Inn.  They have the make your own waffle machine.  The girls came down just before I finished.  They got their food and I headed up to read my email while they ate.

Alexus got the award for the best waffle
Then we checked out and were on the road shortly after 8.  No problems today and we only had a few sprinkles of rain.  We dropped Alexus off and headed home.  We ran down to the post office and got there right at 1PM.  With the new hours they open at 2pm in the afternoon.  So we headed home after a brief wait at the bridge that they are repaving.  We unloaded and got everything in the house.  I plugged in the coach and turned on the refrigerator.  I set it on gas and once the batteries charge for a while I will switch to electric.  Not much sun here the last week so the batteries are a bit low.  Bonnie started the wash and I am going to run down and get the mail since it is after 2.  Then we can catch up on recorded programs. I also started my computer, it ran a chkdsk since it detected a problem.  I am still trying to get all the disk backed up on CrashPlan an online backup service.  Still hoping to cut the grass before we leave on Thursday.

I went down and picked up the mail and sorted it.  Then spent time on the computer to catch up on the bills.  By the way we spent just over 33 hours in the car on the trip, lots of seat time.  Total cost of the trip was around $900.  Thats food, groceries, gas, and hotels for 2 nights.  I decided to cut some grass and while it is still pretty wet I got about half of it done.  Tomorrow I hope to finish what needs done.  There is no food in the house so Bonnie went down and got pizza and wings for supper.  Now its time to relax and get a good nights sleep.  Its so humid out we have not opened any windows or doors yet.  Maybe tomorrow.


So humid we have not had the windows open since we got home.  Rained a little overnight but not enough to register in the rain gauge.  Bonnie headed for Warsaw this morning and I headed for court.  I came home a couple hours later and Bonnie was an hour or so later.  I did a few things on the coach, I have one tire pressure sensor that keeps eating batteries.  I talked to TST and they said send it in and they will replace it.  Bonnie pulled in and I helped her take in the groceries.  Then I jumped on the mower and finished all the grass that could be cut.

All cut at least until next week.
Bonnie got here permit to drive the Coach so I guess we will be doing some practice in the future.  I loaded up my clothes and the clean linen into the coach after I looked at the radar and saw a storm coming.

The wind came but the storms slid by to the south of us again
At least it got windy and it cooled off, seems that the humidity has dropped a lot also.  Looking forward to a cool nights sleep.  The good news is that the forecast is good for the next few days.  We are off in the morning for Jamestown to camp with friends for the weekend.  We are also making plans for another car trip in November after we put the Coach in storage for winter.  We are headed down the East Coast with stops near Fredericksburg, VA, a week in Myrtle Beach, SC, with another week in Orlando.  Then we will beat feet back to Buffalo for December.  We are also hoping to spend part of September in Michigan.  So stay tuned and Thanks for Checking In.

Lots of pretty flowers in front of the porch