Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Alabama - Roll Tide


The radio woke me with a surprise at 6am this morning.  Not sure what I was expecting I had set it to wake me.  We had quick showers and a bite to eat.  Then loaded up the car and started the trek to Huntsville.  We picked up Alexus and said goodbye to Elizabeth.

Alexus relaxed most of the way
We had a good trip until we got within 30 miles of the hotel.  Heavy thunderstorms and traffic.  That last bit took over an hour.  We found and checked into the Homewood suites.  We have a one bedroom suite and it comes with dinner and breakfast for all three of us.  We are all relaxing a bit and then headed for dinner.

Well dinner was a good idea by the hotel but poorly executed as the one hostess was completely overwhelmed by all the families that are traveling this holiday week.  We just got there in time, after us they were out of most things.  Our tortellini was a little cool, the red sauce was good, she did make more bread sticks so I got my fill of those.  Like I said good idea but poorly executed.  We'll see what breakfast is like.  Time for a good nights sleep.  Funny we did not do much but ride all day but we are all tired.  This is a very nice hotel, but I still miss Our House on Wheels.  Saw gas for $3.15 in southern Ohio after we paid $3.29.  Saw diesel for $3.89.


I was the first one awake and up this morning shortly after 7am.  I got my shower and Bonnie asked what time it was and she got up as I was heading down for breakfast.  I sat at a table next to someone about my age.  Bill was his name and turns out he lives in Grove City, PA and teaches in the college there.  My cousins live close to there so we had a connection.  I told him we were from Buffalo and turns out he did his graduate work at the University of Buffalo.  His part time job there during college was flying helicopters for tours of Niagara Falls and traffic for one of the radio stations (970).  Then he worked at CalSpan for a few years before moving.  He is a widower for the last couple of years and on his way to Nashville to visit family.  Small World.

We hit the road at 9am and pulled in right around 2:45pm of course we changed time zones and we gained an our so just under 7 hours on the road today.  We got several calls from the girls and they were sure excited to see us.  Harrison greeted us also and offered to carry the bags upstairs, that was a big help and much appreciated.

Entering Tennessee
Ran into this 2 miles from the house

Reagan and I get to know each other again, instead of facetime its lap time

All the girls with Robby
We visited most of the afternoon and Ashley and Bonnie went shopping for the stuff to make pizza.  Now Bonnie is off for a walk to see the ducks and Robby is making the pizza.

Thats about it for today, tomorrow we are heading for the Smith Lake for the day.


We got up this morning and gathered stuff for a day at the Lake.  We headed a little over an hour South of here to Smith Lake.  We were spending the day at the lake and meeting some of Ashley's extended family.  Brian brought his mastercraft boat and there was lots of wake boarding and boat riding.  We were at a lake house right on the edge of the lake.  It was a long day but the weather was good and we just got home a little while ago.  Most went straight to bed and I am headed there as soon as I post this.  A day in the sun seems to make you good and tired.

Relaxing on the deck

Reagan ready to go swimming

View from the deck


Alexus takes on the boys

Queen of the tube

Robby and Reagan

The ski boat returns
We had a nice day at the lake and everyone was so nice  I am sure we will all sleep good tonight.

Have a Happy Fourth of July tomorrow.

Thanks for Checking in.