Thursday, July 18, 2013

Hot, Humid, Home


First of all here are a couple pictures that would not post last night.

Our President Bob packing the breakfast supplies

The group that stayed Sunday night
We met again this morning and had one last meal together.  We only had a few things to do after breakfast to be ready to leave.  I had put the awnings in and cleaned up last night.  While I unhooked the water Bonnie vacuumed inside and wiped things down.  Then we pulled in the slides hooked up the car and said our See Ya's.  They I pulled out and turned the wrong way by listening to the GPS.  It wanted to take us the shortest way and I wanted to go the fastest way.  So I had to go down the road until we found a business with a big enough lot to turn around.  Finally back on track we caught the Rindo's in Jamestown and followed them up to Irving where they got off to fuel up.  We had a good trip home and got unloaded.  Wow is it hot and humid here at home.

We skipped lunch and had an early supper.  Then I went out and cut some grass, bad decision.  Just too nasty out I will need a lot of fluid this evening.  Now to catch up on our recorded shows and do some planning for a big trip in September.  It ail be tough sleeping tonight.  We were having to run the hear in the morning while we were out camping.  And then lots of A/C in the heat of the day.


Up early this morning. Leaving the windows open cooled the house down to about 72 degrees, it is to be close to 90 today.  We had a leisurely breakfast and only one cup of coffee.  Then Bonnie left to pick up a 31 shipment and I headed to court.  Five hours later I headed back home.

I had a late lunch of salad and then collected and took out the trash to the highway.  Then I finished emptying the coach of food and took a quick look at the hydro hot to see if I could figure out how to get to the back of the unit to see if there is a small leak.  I can see a panel so I posted a question online to see if this panel comes off.  Then I jumped on the mower and cut grass for about 45 minutes.  So I am about 1/2 done now.  Then in to shower and eat supper.

Now time to relax and watch a little TV.


Wow Wednesday night already and it just turned to Thursday according to the computer.  Bonnie got up this morning and headed to Buffalo City Mission to volunteer as a Grandma for the babies at Cornerstone Manor the woman's portion of the mission.  I got up and took care of some things around the house and then headed out to run some errands.

First stop was court.  We had received some new laptops that we use as digital recorders and the old ones needed to be prepared and packed to return.  Windows XP will no longer be supported by microsoft after April 2014 so the new laptops are all loaded with Windows 7.  Then I headed to the bank and then to fill up the CRV at the Red Apple gas was 3.73.  I grabbed a sandwich and chocolate milk and headed for East Aurora.  Stopped at one bank to do another deposit and then across the street to get our cash for the week.  Then it was on to the UPS store to mail the computers.

Then I beat feet for downtown Buffalo to meet Elizabeth at the City Mission.  She jumped in the car and we headed over to pick up Bonnie.  I got a quick tour of the facility and we took Bonnie back to the mission.  After a few minutes Bonnie and I headed to Tonawanda to meet some of my Depew Classmates for dinner at the River Grill.  We had about 16 or 17 show up and the food was excellent and abundant.  I had the Niagara Chicken which was a grilled chicken breast on linguine with a red sauce and two stuffed hot peppers on top smothered in cheese.  I could not finish it all and will enjoy it tomorrow also.  Even next to the water it was pretty hot and humid.  There was a live band and the place was packed for a Wednesday night.

We headed home just before dark and after a quick stop to pick up the Odyssey from Elizabeth's house we made it home.  The roads were wet out this way, must have been the big thunderhead we saw from down town that dropped some rain.  A long busy day but we had a really nice time.  Sorry for the lack of pictures, just too busy.

Thanks for Checking In.