Saturday, September 14, 2013

Chocolate Town Visit


We woke up earlier this morning after a good nights sleep.  This Hampton Inn is very nice and quiet to sleep, just the a/c for some white noise.  We had another wonderful breakfast and we headed out and South again for Hershey PA.  We plan to visit the huge RV show for a couple days.  Also catching up with some RV friends.  Bonnie was ready to drive this morning and took the wheel.  We had a good trip and a couple short stops.  One stop was here:

Bonnie pulled into Hilsher's General Store.  We could have spent several hours here.  They had everything.  Maybe more of a variety than Walmart.  Groceries, baked goods, furniture, hardware, plumbing.  You name it and I think they had it.

We continued on and made it to the Giant Center at Hershey Park.  It looked like rain but it sure was hot and humid again.  We visited Camping World and started collecting pins for a chance to spin for a prize.  We have to finish that tomorrow.  We did see several sales people we know from Buffalo and said hello.

Collecting buttons at CW

Bonnie is off to the next tent

Jayco Seneca
I wanted to look at the Jayco Seneca.  I liked the chassis but was not a fan of the floor plan.

Then we headed off to see our friends from Colton who are representing Tiffin here at Hershey.  Tiffin has some beautiful coaches and we got to meet Bob Tiffin the owner and chat with him.

Rear bathroom in this one

Shower close up

Bob Tiffin a real gentleman

Beautiful kitchen

She looks at home
 Lucky for us we were in a coach when the storm hit.  The wind and the rain lasted quite a while.
We waited out the rain in the dry and I did not see any leaks.

Heavy Rain at the show
After the rain let up we said hello to Jim and Chris Colton and then hitched a ride to our car in the parking lot, a real nice service.

As we were checking in to the hotel and asking about where to eat a couple invited us to share their pizza with them.  They had eaten all they wanted and did not want to throw it away.  Plus the Hampton Inn was serving Chicken Pot Pie in a crock pot.  Both the pizza and the pot pie were very good.  Plus we got to know 2 new people from Maine and chatted with them for about an hour.  I offered to pay for half the pizza put they would have none of that.  So we are in the room for the night and its a good thing more rain is moving in.  Well I am going to relax and rest for another day at the show tomorrow.


F is for Friday and Fun.  We had a great Fun Friday wow what a day.  We got up and got going with another good breakfast here at the Hampton Inn.  We got to the RV show a little after 9 and looked at a couple quick things and then sat down at a cookware demo.  I like to listen to the spiel from the sales people and sometimes they have really good products.  Well Bonnie really liked the demo so we now own some new cookware.

A most impressive demonstration
I also wore my Wall Drug T-shirt today that I picked up last summer.  I had people coming up to me all day telling me they had visited Wall Drug.  What a reach they have, all from offering a cold glass of water.  If you have ever visited Wall Drug you know what I mean.

Only picture off my Wall Drug shirt that I have
While we were at the cookware demo Kathy Huggins walked by, I yelled hey Kathy and we exchanged hugs and visited and walked around for a while together.  We were already planning to have dinner together so this surprise visit was nice.  We met up with John Huggins inside the Giant Center and each of us went our own way for the rest of the day.  Kathy and John do a audio podcast every week and you can find it at  we have listened to it from its beginning  and really look forward to each new one.  They have also written a book on Full Time RVing that you will find on their website.

We wanted to look at Winnebago and Newmar Motorhomes which we did.  Friends of ours are interested in the Newmar toy hauler.

Class A Toy Hauler
Then we looked at the Tiffins again.  Happy to say we did not find anything that we liked as much as our Beaver Monterey.  Which we found out today needs a new Hydro-Hot unit.  The extended warranty company has been called and is sending out the adjuster to look at it on Monday.  So we should hear from Jeff after that what the next step is.  We are still hoping to get some more trips in this season.
Lots and lots of people at the show
The weather was good today it got a little warm but a nice wind came along and kept it more comfortable.  We also looked at Air Stream pull behinds and boy was I surprised that they cost more than we paid for our motorhome.  We picked up some really good chip dip mix and some even better Salsa dip.  We said our goodbyes to our friends from Colton RV who are in the Tiffin display and another friend in the Thor display.

Next stop was Chocolate World.  We did not have much time.

Just arriving
 So we took the Chocolate Tour ride which pretty much tells the story of how the chocolate is made.  I did enjoy the smells in there.

Jumping on the ride
 After the ride my legs and feet were protesting so I headed for the car and Bonnie headed for the gift shop.  She had about 20 minutes to shop and I took the time to plan our trip for tomorrow.  I did meet these characters on the way out and got them to pose for a picture.

Surprising how many brands Hershey's makes.
We then headed over to the Palmyra area to meet Kathy and John at Funk's a family diner.  We had a wonderful meal and even more wonderful time.  Today was only the second day we have met face to face but we have so much in common that its like we have know each other for ever.  We visited for a couple hours.  The food was delicious and plentiful I never had stuffed meatloaf before and there was so much that I could not finish it.  We could have talked longer but it was Friday night and the place was getting crowded and Kathy and John had their dog to get home to.  Bonnie and I are good and tired and I have set the alarm clock for an early departure for Strasburg in the morning.  Well I've got to hit the hay.


The alarm went off at 6:30 this morning.  This is really early for us.  I actually was awake as my hips were bothering me and Bonnie had just been up to the bathroom.  So I got up and hit the bathroom first and then I went down to breakfast while Bonnie showered.  I came up then and got showered and packed up ready to leave.  We left right at 8:00 and headed for Strasburg, PA.  The Pennsylvania Rail Road Museum is here but we were planning to spend A Day With Thomas Train.  We were spending the Day with my Sister and BIL and niece, nephew and their families.  We all got there about the same time and soon were on board for the first trip of the day.  There were plenty of activities for the kids and we all had a good time.  I will let the pictures tell the story.

Welcome Aboard

Here comes Thomas

Joe, Andrea, and Ellie

Lots of smiles

I remember these in Kennywood when I was a kid

This trip was what Dan asked for his upcoming birthday.  

Dan's parents and Grandparents (my sister)

Miss Ellie got brave and actually rubbed my shoulder on the train

Dan got his turn on Thomas

Boarding Toby the Tram engine.  Dan got to blow the whistle on here
 Amtrak had an exhibition train on site and we visited it at the end but we were all pretty tired.

Dan and Grandpa Joe

Dan at the controls
Old Engine 90
We had a full morning and it was lunch time.  Joe and Andrea had taken Ellie home.  The rest of us headed up the tracks for a picnic lunch near the tracks.  We were able to see Thomas and Engine 90 go by a couple times.  Plus the lunch was really great.

Here come Thomas
 Well I think everyone is tired and we headed for Spring City.  We are planning to spend a couple days with my sister and BIL, and of course Molly the Lab.  Sharon worked on dinner and the rest of us got a little nap.  Dinner was pulled pork sandwiches, baked beans, coleslaw and some watermelon for dessert.
Well thats about it for today, now we can get some visiting done.



We were up early again today and headed to church with my sister. Sunday has been food day.  We had snacks at church and then went out to eat after church.  Then tried to nap this afternoon but did not have much luck.  I did catch up on my email and blogs.

Molly is hoping for some of Bonnie's breakfast
Sunday school was good and we had snacks
 Then off to the local diner

Bonnie started with salad
Then liver and onions

I had a turkey double decker sandwich

Sharon had banana walnut french toast
Then for supper a chicken casserole.  Now we are off to church again.  Home from church now and going to visit some, have a little ice cream and then off to bed.  Its been a great week.  Topped off with getting to visit family.

Thanks For Checking In!