Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Family Time


Woke up to a wet rainy morning today.  Molly actually woke me when she was barking at the workmen at the neighbors.  When I cam down stairs she was curled up in Joe's chair napping.

Not sure what we will do today, not much and I am ok with that, today is the first day in a week that we have no plans.  I do hope to get an update on the coach repair.  I think the best thing a repair facility can do is to keep the customer updated on whats going on.  I know that takes time and effort.  But in our case we have plans and reservations for the the rest of the month so we have to make decisions on canceling or keeping reservations.  So to do that we need information.  The phone rang awhile ago I was hoping it was an update but it was a doctors office reminding me about an appointment, but it was for people I had never heard of, yep wrong number.

We took it easy most of the day.  We did go over to the Giant Supermarket and I walked around in the Sears Hardware store while the women shopped.  We did see Andrea and Ellie in the parking lot.  Then it was back home and I guess I dozed off a bit.

Sharon memorialized my nap
We all read our emails and blogs and just took it easy.  It rained all morning but was nice this afternoon.  My niece and her two children came for supper and Sharon made stuffed shells, meatballs, and bread pudding for supper.  We had a good time with the kids and enjoyed watching them play.

Dan does a good job on his fire engine
Maggie and I played with some plastic blocks, she is good at both dumping them out and picking them up.  Supper time!

Maggie enjoyed her shells and actually ate more than ended up on her face

Dan did a good job cleaning his plate and was hoping for cake.  He did enjoy the whipped cream on his pudding
The kids left shortly after supper as they get to bed early and have to get up early in the morning.  My daughter called.  She bought a 2011 Kia Sorrento and was excited about that.  We are hoping to see pictures of it soon.  We talked about playing a game tonight but two of the group just wanted to relax.  Now its time for a little ice cream and then off to bed soon.  The bed here is very comfortable and we are sleeping good.

She looks innocent enough but watch out
Coach update, the adjuster did not show up today so we are still in limbo.


Woke up this morning to a beautiful day.  We had our breakfast and decided to try to visit a few factory tours.  We headed west to near Lancaster County and visited George's Woodcraft in Marietta, PA.  They showed us samples of their work in the showroom and then took us up to the wood shop to see how it is done.

Into the Wood Shop

Looking at the raw materials
 They stock Cherry, Red Oak, Black Walnut, and Hard Maple

This is one of 10 chair seats one of the craftsmen was working on
 Each piece of furniture is built by one of the 4 or 5 craftsmen.  They have about a 2 month backlog now.

The chairman is working on the spindles

History of the company on this story board
 Unfortunately George died a couple years ago at the age of 67.  His daughter now runs the company.
The grounds around the barn (factory) are beautiful

A natural spring supplies the water for this pond with falls, and a fountain

Rocker George designed that allows you to lean back and not tip over

Mother Goose had 4 of these cygnets
Then we headed for Columbia to look at a glass factory.

Susquehanna Glass
We missed the last tour of the day but did get to look around the factory store
Next stop was Lititz, PA.

First stop in Lititz
 We missed the tour here also and did not want to wait for the next one.

She was making parts for chocolate dolls and enjoyed visiting
 Just around the corner was a pretzel bakery.  We each got one as a snack and they were good.

Last stop of the day
Then we beat feet for home as it was almost time for the work traffic to start, people here drive bad enough let alone getting into rush hour traffic.  We decided on pizza for supper and Sharon called when we got close to the house.  We are leaving in the morning so I filled up with gas at $3.51 a gallon, a lot better than at home.

The pizza was good and we had a little bread pudding for dessert.  Well its been a good visit here and the time to head home has come quickly.

The adjuster looked at the coach today and filed his report.  Now they want the unit taken out of the coach and opened up to take more pictures before they can authorize replacement or repair.  So hopefully that will happen tomorrow.


Well we were up early this morning.  My sister and BIL had already left for work.  Molly greeted me when I got downstairs and then laid back down.  I had some coffee and cereal while Bonnie got ready. Then I showered and packed while she ate.  We were on the road by 9am.  We had an good drive and the weather was nice all the way, in fact the sun shinning in the windows was hot at times.  We were home and had the car unloaded before 4pm.  We stopped for lunch once and fuel once.  We put on a little over 1000 miles on the trip.  We also were able to stop at the Post Office and pick up our mail.  We had one package there and another one from UPS was at the basement door.

I got unpacked and Bonnie relaxed a bit before she headed off to a meeting for Thirty One.  I watched a little TV and updated my iPhone and iPad with IOS 7.  The iPad seems fine but the phone has an issue with messages and facetime.  They say it is because the servers are so busy.

Jeff at Colton has been calling me everyday and today he let me know that they did not remove the unit yet.  There are only a couple techs up to the task and he is hopeful they can get it out tomorrow.  Then we will still have to wait on the Warranty Company.  Then the new one has to be ordered and shipped from Alabama.  So it is looking doubtful that we will be able to make our camping trip next week.  I will wait a couple days before I cancel our reservations just to be sure.

Well thats it for today.  Thanks For Checking In.