Sunday, September 22, 2013

Playing the Waiting Game


Woke up to a beautiful morning again nice and sunny.  I had a leisurely morning as did Bonnie.  I did reset my iPhone to get the facetime and messages app working properly.  I hit the wrong button during the process and lost all my data.  So it took me a while to reload all the apps and set them up.  Here is a screen shot of the new look icons.

New look of the iPhone
I guess the new look has to grow on you.  Lots of new features and gestures to learn.

Then I got dressed and went out and jumped on John Deere to cut the grass, Bonnie did some wash and unpacked her suitcases.  I finished up about 4 after I ran down into town and filled up the gas cans.  I also put out some mouse poison in the shed to try to keep them at bay.

I came in to relax a little and then had supper.  I got my call from Jeff letting me know that they hope to work on the coach tomorrow.  I am still hoping we will get the coach back in time that we can get in another trip before the campgrounds all close for the season.  Then I headed to church, since I was home I figured I could help at the worship practice.  I got everything turned on and loaded up the songs.  I even made a pot of coffee.  Finally got home around 10:30.  Now at 12:30 I am headed to bed.


Warm and humid when I got up this morning,turned into hot and humid as the day progressed.  We unpacked all the new cookware and Bonnie packed up the old pots and pans.  I went up to court for a couple hours to catch up on paper work and then came home and washed all the new cookware.

Just getting off the oil used in manufacturing  

Pots everywhere

Finally finished
Then it was time to head to Elizabeth's she had two projects for me.

First was to program her new car so the homelink would open the garage door

Second was to assemble this wood rack, now she needs to fill it.
Bonnie had taken her sister to the Dr and shopping and finally made it to Elizabeth's around 7:30.  We headed home soon after that and relaxed a bit.  Now its time to head to bed.

Jeff called to let me know they were working on the coach this afternoon and hoped to get the unit out and take pictures to send to the warranty company.  I finally had to cancel our camping reservations for next Wednesday as there is no way the coach will be ready by then.


Very dark this morning when I woke up hard to believe it was 8:30.  I got up and got going.  Bonnie also got up and got going.  She was going shopping with the girls.  I had plans to get the CR-V inspected and then to finish up working at court.  It began to rain and soon it was pouring down.

I headed up to Becker's garage and the car passed inspection without a problem.  Then off to court.  Finally home, in the early afternoon and it was still raining.  Bonnie got home after 4 and it was still raining.

I sent an email to Wholesale Warranties today letting them know that I thought the warranty company kept raising the bar every time Colton RV provided them with more information they have been asking for more.  I was surprised since it is Saturday to get an email from Jeff Shelton the owner.  He said they would get involved on Monday and find out what was going on with my repair.  Thats pretty good customer service.

Not much else to write about today.


When I woke up this morning I realized I should have prepared the Pork Loin last night to go into the smoker this morning.  So I got going and made coffee and got the loin cut into three pieces and added the mustard and rub.  The mustard helps the rub stick.

We really like the Pappy's and Weber's

Rub applied
After the rub was put on I wrapped them in plastic wrap and then into the refrigerator for a few hours.  Then I ate my oatmeal and then jumped into the shower.  We were a bit late leaving for church, Bonnie was waiting in the car when I got out of the shower.  We picked up the girls on the way and still made it in plenty of time, like 10 minutes to spare.

Our Pastor and 9 others from church are in India for 10 days and Pastor Todd filled in today and did a great job, it takes a good sermon to hold my attention.  We stopped for fresh eggs on the way home and a paper for Bonnie.  But there were no coupons in it, looks like they missed the inserts.

Once we got home I set up the smoker and turned it on.  The Pork Loins are on the Smoke.

After 4 hours
 I smoke them for 4 hours and then 4 more hours in the smoker.  Then around 9 tonight I will take them out of the smoker and wrap them in foil.  Then into the oven to over night at about 210 or 220.  Then once they cool in the morning we will pull it apart.

I posted a picture of the pork on Facebook and got several comments.  One was from my niece which turned into an invite for supper and some help with her computer.  She is about to graduate from LPN school and needed her computer to work to take some practice tests for her boards.  So she came over and we got the computer to work and Bonnie made some chicken in the new cookware.  Which I washed later on and it did clean up easily.

She needs to visit more with that smile
We had a nice visit and watched the NASCAR race and some of the Bills game.

Well thats about it for this week.  Hopefully we will get good news on the coach repair this week.

Thanks For Checking In!