Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Labor Day time with family


Happy Labor Day.  One of my blogging buddies posted a picture of some of his Navy momentous so I pulled out a couple things and took a picture.  Brings back some good memories, thanks John!

A few Navy momentos
While taking the picture I got bit in the ear by a wasp hurt a lot but seems to be going away now.  Now its time to get ready to head over to the family reunion.

My ear ended up about twice normal size.
 So we loaded up the ranger and headed to Brian's camp on the old family farm

Lets go
We had a great turn out and so many activities were going on.  The kids did a lot of exploring and chasing each other.  A couple of the dogs joined in that fun.  Jam was being made and also Apple Cider in an old family cider mill.  There was plenty of food and lots of dessert.  What more could one ask for. I will let the pictures tell the story.

Lunch time

The Millers

Brielle first taste of apple sauce, funny faces but she kept wanting more.

Time to visit

Washing and grinding apples

Time to press out the cider

Bonnie with her parents

Dad sneaking a piece of Cherry Pie, I stick with Mom's Apple Pie.
It was a wonderful day, we had a couple rain showers but Brian's tarps kept us dry.  The really heavy rain and thunderstorms went around us, Thankful for that.  Home now and it is cooling off so we should be able to sleep good.


Well I slept pretty good last night.  My ear did wake me up a time or two.  This morning my ear is twice as big as it should be.  Also now my neck is swollen, looks like I have a double chin.  Bonnie said go do what I needed to do and then take some Benadryl.  It makes me sleepy so I will wait till I am home for the day to take it.  I left for court around 11 and one thing let to the other and I was gone until 4:39pm.

Once home I took the Benadryl and now I am dozing off and on.


I got a good nights rest last night however my ear and neck are still swollen.  We were up a little after 6 this morning.  Then we picked up Elizabeth and headed for Buffalo City Mission to volunteer again.  Alexus also was up early and was already at school when we got in there.

We had a good day at the mission and were able to help them.  Bonnie helps in the baby day care.  I scanned in some documents and then worked on a calendar and flyers for Thanksgiving and Christmas.  They are planning to deliver 5000 meals on Thanksgiving.

One thing I noticed is traffic seems much heavier going in and coming home than it did when I worked.  We stopped for a few minutes to see how Alexus's first day of school was, and then came home.  Bonnie has a meeting so we needed to get home.

This Doe greeted us as we drove in today.  She did not move, the fawn came out of the woods later.
I am looking forward to relaxing tonight so will post this.  Thanks For Checking In!