Sunday, September 29, 2013

How Much Longer


In bed early last night to read, up this morning 8 hours later and its nice and sunny again.  Leaves are starting to cover the ground so I will be setting up the Cyclone Rake again soon.  Catching up on the recorded TV this morning and blogs.  Then I hope to cut a little firewood.  Still letting the driveway dry and later today we can drive on it I hope.

Bonnie headed out with me and we cut up some more of the wood.  We only work on it for about an hour but we are making progress.

My cell phone rang just after noon, it was Jeff at Colton RV the Warranty Company has decided to send over an adjuster again now that the unit is out of the coach.  More delay, looks like we will not get out to camp again next week.


Bonnie did the stacking

After, one more day of cutting to go
Adding another piece to the pile
The to be split pile is growing
I went out to the end of the driveway to bring the CR-V back in to the garage and take down the rope across the end of the driveway.

Freshly sealed yesterday

Hated leaving the dar out by the highway but it worked out
The driveway is now open for business

I worked on paying some bills, and we watched a few shows this afternoon.
Chicken spagetti leftovers for supper tonight, one of my favorites.

Love this meal
Thats abou it for today.


Up early again waiting on my bride to awake.  Got caught up on email and blogs, now for that second cup of coffee.  I took my second cup and went into my desk and worked on checking the credit card statement, wrote a check for the school taxes, and called State Farm about lowering my insurance.  Bonnie got up while I was doing that.  State Farm told me to check my mileage on the CRV and it turns out that we are under 7500 miles so that should lower our insurance.

After she ate and we had our devotional time we headed out.  First stop was down to Varysburg, I walked over to the Post Office to mail a letter for Bonnie, she went into Salon 20A to pick up an order for Thirty One bags.  Then back to the house, I forgot a check that needed deposited.  I grabbed that and we headed for the bank in Strykersville.  While there we grabbed a snack at the Red Apple and filled up the car with gas @ $3.739 a gallon, down over 10 cents.  Then across to the bank to deposit the check and pay the school taxes.

Our dishwasher has been stopping mid cycle for the last couple of months.  We decided to shop at Logal Appliances to see what kind of deals they had.  When ever possible we try to shop locally.  Keeps the money in the community and its easier to get emergency service when necessary.  So we found a good deal and even better they were at the house 90 minutes later to install it.  Try that that at most of the big box stores.

Logel Appliance truck in the driveway 90 minutes later

Fred unhooks the old machine

All ready for the new one

The new machine resting in the sun
So tonight we have a new dish washer with a nice stainless steel liner and hopefully its quieter than the old one.

Once the guys left we were both tired but we got ready and went out and finished cutting up the logs.

Last day of blocking up the logs
So the logs are all blocked up.  Hopefully tomorrow Elizabeth and Alexus will be out and we can split up these blocks and get them covered up and let them dry for a year.  Also now the logs are out of the way to get at this years wood.

I received my daily call from Colton RV as we got back in the house and the adjuster was there again today, now we are hoping to get approval on Monday.  Time to relax a little and enjoy the evening, I had my shower and Bonnie made some good chicken sandwiches with pickles for supper.  I think I have room for ice cream a little later.  We did notice today how quickly the leaves are changing and they are quite beautiful.


I got up had breakfast, read email, and was out the door before Bonnie got up this morning.  First stop was at court to catch up on a little paperwork.  Then over to my SILs for a haircut and a little visit.  Grand nephew Jackson was there and I had a nice chat with him.  Then my MIL and FIL came and he took my place in the barber chair.  I headed back home.

The plan for today was to split up all the wood Bonnie and I had blocked up.  Elizabeth and Alexus were to come an help between 1 and 2.  I went out and got started.

Set up and ready to split
After about an hour they showed up and that kicked things into high gear.  I split Elizabeth stacked and Alexus cleaned up the bark and pieces.  I gave her a little instruction on the tractor and then let her solo on the rest of the trips to the brush pile.

Solo driver making trips to the brush pile

Todays pile
 We finished around 3:30 I am hoping we are done splitting wood for this year.  Elizabeth heated me up a piece of her new homemade pizza from last night.  It was good and now we are deciding if we want to go into Mayer Brothers Cider Mill.

So I talked everyone into going out to dinner.  We eat at Pages it was ok.  I had beef on week, Bonnie had Pittsburgh Salad, Elizabeth had wings, and Alexus had a hamburger.  Then we went to Mayer Brothers and had cider donuts, Bonnie got some apples and we all had an Apple Cider Slushy.

Great way to top off a busy day
After a quick stop at Kohl's Elizabeth drove us home, I forgot to mention that she got a 2011 KIA Sorrento.  It rides nice and seems like a very nice car.

Finally home time for some pain pills and a good nights sleep.


Up this morning and off to church.  We did stop and pick up Alexus as Elizabeth went early for the nursery and Alexus was not ready.  We had a good service with Pastor Todd.  Pastor Pat has been in India with several others from Church, they have started their journey home.

We made a stop at the bank to deposit some checks and then headed home for some leftovers.  The leaves are really changing fast, the driveway is almost covered with leaves, good thing they sealed it last week.

Bonnie is taking a nap and I am watching the Bills and the NASCAR race from Dover.  The Bills are ahead at halftime.  The camping group had great weather for the campout and most are headed home now, some will continue to head South and follow the non-freezing weather.

The Door Bell rang and it was Bonnie's parents stopping in from their day at Apple-Umpkin a local annual craft fair.  We had a nice visit and they stayed for a couple hours.

Hoping to get good news on the coach this next week.  Well that's about it for this week Thanks For Checking In.