Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Heading South but we are Coach-less


Up early this morning to head for Colton RV with the coach.  Then in the car to Batavia for lunch with our camping buddies, then home to pack for the trip and make a few reservations for the next few nights.

The trip to Colton went well and we got checked in and got a couple things out of the coach then took off.  I did get a call later from one of the techs, so they had it in the shop and were looking at it.  But at 5pm they still had not located the source of the leak, but said it did not look like a simple thing.

We made it to Batavia after a stop for $10 of gas.  We wanted to fill up in Batavia at TOPS since Bonnie had earned $.90 a gallon off the price.  But the low full light was on.  We made it to the Miss Batavia just a couple minutes after noon and our friends had a booth for us.

We always enjoy Bob and Caroline's company
We all ordered and had Pittsburgh Salad, Hot Roast Beef X2, and a Hot Turkey Sandwich.  All few very good and gone quickly.  We visited for a couple hours and then said our goodbyes, see you laters. I had a set of de-flapper clamps for a RV awning and traded those to Bob and he bought lunch.

We then headed for TOPS and filled up for $2.91 a gallon, my opinion gas should even be a lot cheaper than that.

The rest of the day was taken up with making room reservations, planning routes, and packing clothes. Bonnie cleaned out the refrigerator and used what she could to make a good supper.  We got to watch a little TV while the washer and dryer ran.  Once we turned the lights on the flies invaded again, not sure where they are coming from.  They fly around but do not seem to bother us.  Bonnie even tried to vacuum them up.  Now its off to bed to get a good nights sleep.  In the morning we head south.


A big thunderstorm woke me just after 5am this morning, but it did not last long and after a trip to the bathroom I was soon asleep again.  I got up a little after 8 and packed the last few things.  I woke Bonnie and we had breakfast.  Then I took out the trash shut down the hot water heater and carried the luggage down to the car in the Ranger.  I think it was just after 10 when we pulled out of the driveway.

We had a good trip down to Corning and planned to visit the Corning Museum of Glass.  It was much larger than we thought and more on Glass Art than I thought it would be.  We visited for about four hours and took in most of the demonstrations.  It was laid us very nice and even though there were bus loads of people coming and going it did not seem crowded.

This is the area we are visiting today and tomorrow

On the shuttle to the CMOG

My sister likes teapots

I liked the colorful pieces 
 There is so much to see and take in here that it is a bit overwhelming to ones senses.  Especially with fairly new glasses.

A Tiffany window

We watched Jamie make a glass Pumpkin

Here are some large scale ones in the back of a beautiful truck

Back in 1972 the river flooded and this was the water level.
The river is a ways away and rose way over flood stage as a result of the remnants of Hurricane Agnes.

Bonnie did a little shopping in the gift shop and we now how a pumpkin similar to the one we saw made.

We jumped on the shuttle and headed to the Western and Native American Art Museum also called the Rockwell Museum of Western Art.  It is named after Robert Rockwell who started this collection of art.
We only had an hour and found it very interesting.  You start on the 3rd floor and wind your way down to the first floor.  Because I write a blog they gave me a press kit and pass.

My first Press Pass and Package
These are just a couple pictures from the museum

We had a good full day and are exhausted.  We got checked in at the Hampton Inn and Bonnie was ready to go eat.  We had talked earlier about the Endless Shrimp at Red Lobster and there is one close by.  So we headed there.

Endless Shrimp
The meal was good and we tried all 4 kinds of Shrimp.  Aric our waiter was good too, even though a State Trooper interviewed him in the middle of the meal.

Then it was back to the room.  One of the key cards did not work, so I took care of that while Bonnie showered.  She laid down to read and soon turned off the light for the night.  I plan to watch the President and maybe the Apple Event from earlier today when they announced the new iPhones.  Plan to fit a shower in there somewhere.  We need a good nights rest as tomorrow we have another busy day planned, maybe a little bit shorter.


We were a bit lazy this morning but did get up around 8:30.  After showers we headed down for a good Hampton Inn breakfast.  Lots of hot items and we always enjoy the waffles although they stuck to the waffle maker a little this morning.  After breakfast we read a little email, then I loaded up the ice chest and we headed out for Watkins Glen.  Bonnie's Grandparents, parents and one of her sisters had honey mooned here.  We have driven through before but never stopped.  First stop was the State Park that has a train that goes up the Glen Creek gorge.  We saved $8 by being old geezers they let us in free.  Wow was it hot when we got out of the car and very humid.  We decided to go as far as we could up the gorge trail.  You end up climbing over 800 steps and in the summer there is a shuttle but now you have to retrace your steps.  Bonnie made it a little further than me but I counted the steps on the way down and it 199.  I was soaked with sweat and needed some water to drink which we did not take with us.  Here are a few of the pictures.

The last falls on the creek and the Rainbow bridge

Entrance to the trail

The falls are pretty imagine when the gorge was full of water

This falls formed a heart shaped pool

We walked behind this fall and then up a spiral staircase

From behind the falls

I made it up these stairs first

I stopped Bonnie continued a little ways

This was the sign at an Earth GeoCache I logged in the park
Bonnie read about a place for lunch in one of the travel guides so we headed south of town for lunch as it was almost 2pm.  They boasted a famous Cheeseburger served between two pieces of toast.

Just a small diner but oh so good

We really enjoyed lunch
I had the famous Tony's cheeseburger and it was great.  Bonnie had the Burger BLT.  We topped that off with a Jamocha Shake from Arby's, no supper tonight for us.

Then we drove down into the Village of Montour Falls and found this cascade after I missed the turn to the race track

Two beauties
Then we headed up to the race track, they offer free entrance and you can watch who ever is practicing.  It was now 98 degrees as we arrived at the track.

It started to rain as we arrived
 That put a stop to the car that was running on the track.  It was a sports car.

I believe you can buy rides in this car
You can run a couple paced laps in your own car for $25 almost any day of the year.  Well it rained, high winds, and hail.  We sat for a while and headed for the hotel during one of the non rain periods.  We ran through light rain, heavy rain, and no rain on the way back and it was only about 10 miles.

We both took naps and decided to skip dinner.  A little TV now and then a good nights sleep again.  Tomorrow we continue to head South.

Bonnie got to do a little shopping today at WalMart and at:

Well thats it for tonight.

Thanks For Checking In.