Sunday, September 8, 2013

Loading up the House on Wheels, Opps now UnLoading


Another good sleeping night, nice and cool.  Today we start to ready the coach for our extended trip to Pennsylvania.  I will check things over and we will start to load our clothes and things into the Coach.  Looks like it will be a beautiful day.  However the word frost has found its way into the weather forecast.  My ear and neck are somewhat better but there is still some swelling.

So I went out to do some pre trip checks on the coach.  I wanted to check the Hydo Hot boiler that provides both heat and hot water.  First I had to add about 3/4 gal of coolant and I put on the new Radiator cap I ordered a few weeks ago.

Adding the coolant
 Then I fired up the diesel burner and let it come up to temperature.  Oh! Oh! the coolant is dripping out the bottom.  Did I mention I do not like dealing with leaks.

Lots of coolant on the bottom of the unit.
So I got online and it seems the plastic drain is a common source of leaks.  So I will try to replace it tomorrow.

These is the plastic parts that leaks

Another View

This is the brass drain and valve that I will try to put in tomorrow
I picked up the parts for the drain, then headed to the Opticians to pick up my new glasses.  Then on to church for Worship Team Practice.  While I was there UPS brought the RV Gutter for the roof edge on the coach.  We hope this will help keep the white streaks off the side of the coach.  We also got some an other delivery with some things for the house.

I got home around 9:30, still trying to get used to these new glasses and they are some different than the ones I have had for the last 5 years.  I had a bunch of emails from guys on the forums with hints and help on changing the drain.

Now a few minutes to relax and then off to bed.  Well the weather man used the Frost word again but it looks like it is for south of here.  It is clear and calm out.


Bonnie left around 9 this morning to take her sister to the Dr for a procedure.  I went out shortly afterwords and started to replace the drain on the Hydro-Hot.  First I drained the coolant, the plastic part unscrewed by hand, then I put in the brass drain.  I did have to remove the burner but that was pretty easy also.

Drained coolant into one gallon water bottles

Lots of stuff in the way

I removed the burner and had lots of room

The old plastic part

New all brass drain and the burner is reinstalled
The only problem is that when I fired up the boiler and it came up to pressure it still leaked, the new drain did not leak but something is leaking.  I checked everywhere I could see but no luck.  When Bonnie came home I went under the coach and removed a panel to access the rear of the boiler but all the connections there are dry also.  So time to call the repair shops.  They are all booked or did not even bother to call me back.  The dealer I bought the coach from did call.  I am taking it to them and leaving it there, they are booked through Sept 29th but will be able to work it in if its there.

This is the leak I think it is getting much worse as time goes by
Bonnie had gone to deliver some 31 orders and when she got home we ate quickly and then we ran in to Elizabeths to help prepare for tomorrow.  Back home and having a glass of milk before bed.  With the coach going in for repairs we are reworking our schedule and plans


Gloomy cool morning hope it does not rain later this afternoon for Alexus's party.  Elizabeth has the favors and the decorating looking real nice, I was impressed last night.

So this morning I am headed out to empty the refrigerator in the coach and remove some of our stuff from the coach that we will need on our trip.  We have decided to go ahead and still go on most of our trip without the coach and we will spend a few days with my sister.  We are hopeful that we can still get in a long weekend with the coach at the end of the month as we all ready have reservations.  I had to cancel some for next week and since it was under a week we had to pay for one night and wait for a refund on the rest.  Just as I headed out the door to unload the coach, Luke from the dealer called to see how we were doing.  I told him what had just happened and he offered to talk to the service manager and ask them to make us a priority, so we are hoping that will help.

After 11 and we just got home for Alexus's 16th birthday party, 3 more days till her actual birthday.  Wow am I tired.  I will add a few pictures tomorrow.  Off to bed now


First to add some pictures from the birthday party.  Here is a selection.

Everyone signed the letters
Putting on the finishing touches

Your only 16 once

Pooh Bear was bored, not mad

Guitar here and dance party were fun hit

The food even more so

Time with friends

Homemade Chocolat Cake

Lots of nice presents
We were up and off to church.  Alexus had several girls stay over so they slept in this morning.  Interesting thing is that the sermon today was about how thats ok.  Our church is starting a second duplicate service on Wednesday and they can go to that.

Once home we cleaned out the car and then had a little lunch.  Going to watch some recordings and some of the Bills game and nap a little.

Caught up on recordings, napped a little, watched the Bills lose in the last seconds of the game, and watched the end of the US Open Tennis.  Was ready for supper but Bonnie informed me to have cereal for supper, bummer but it is kind of filling.  Tomorrow morning we head for Colton RV to drop of the coach.

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