Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Still Waiting!


I was up before 8:30 this morning and had breakfast.  Then went to work on the Pork Loin.  I opened it up and used to forks to pull it apart.

After the night in the oven
 It pulled apart easily.

Looking forward to dinner

Two nice containers
So after about 24 hours we have about 5lbs of Pulled Pork I started with just over 7lbs.

Bonnie was not feeling well and slept in till noon.  This girls are coming for dinner so hope she is up to that.  I got a call from Wholesale Warranties and they are also going to get involved with my claim.

We got an alert from Verizon last night, Elizabeth called this morning and someone hacked my part of the account and tried to order a new iPhone.  So I had my account locked until I could come up with a new stronger password.

We took it easy for a little while and then I went out to jump on John Deere and cut the back section of grass and the grass along the driveway and out by the road.  The leaves are starting to fall and by the end of October they will mostly all be down.  I finished the grass and then jumped on the tractor and used the front end loader to move some of the logs that are past their prime.  They went to the big brush and compost pile.  I put the equipment away and headed for the rain locker.

I got stuck trying to cut to close to the edge today
I got my daily call from Jeff at Colton and the Hydro Hot is out of the coach and they will be sending pictures to the Warranty Company tomorrow.

The girls came and we all enjoyed some to the pulled pork, baked sweet potatoes and some vegetables. We spent the rest of the evening relaxing and watching some of the new season TV shows.


Woke up to a beautiful sunny morning.  I laid down in bed early last night to start reading Nick Russell's new kindle book "Dog Run".  Looks like it will be a good read.  I have read his other fictional books in the Big Lake series and enjoyed them.

I watched a little TV this morning and then headed out to cut a little wood.  I did not cut long as the saw needed sharpening.  I did move some logs to get them ready to cut next time.  Then headed in to get a shower.

Ready to be split

Will cut this next time
Nice surprise after I took out the trash and got back in the house.  Bonnie is making Chicken Spagetti for dinner, one of my favorites a recipe from Sharlene in Virginia.  Almost 4pm where does the day go.

Got my daily call from Jeff today and the pictures have been sent, just waiting now for the work from the warranty company.


Up at 6 this morning still dark out way to early.  I am headed to Buffalo City Mission to volunteer today.  Bonnie is still not 100% so she is staying home.  John Good called last night and is coming with his crew today to seal the blacktop driveway.  So I will leave my car at Elizabeths since we can not drive on it for a day or two.

I had a good day at the mission, worked on purging old data off of spreadsheet data bases.  Still lots of work to do there so hopefully I will be back there next week to continue.  I talked to Bonnie at lunch time and the guys had already finished sealing the driveway.  The day went quickly as I was busy all day.  Once we were back at Elizabeths I decided to go ahead and take the car home.  I was able to get it  back off the road and alongside the driveway.  Tomorrow afternoon we should be able to drive in the driveway.

Heard on the news today that stamps are going to $.49, I think the USPS is doomed unless they make some big changes.  Today I was expecting a delivery from UPS and maybe a pickup.  I figured they would bypass us since the driveway is blocked off from the sealing job.  So I settled in after eating supper.  To my surprise the doorbell rang and it was the UPS man.  He had walked all the way back alongside the driveway with our package and picked up the return package we had sent.  Now thats good service and why UPS makes money.

Jeff from Colton called and my claim has been forwarded to a supervisor for review, yes we are still waiting for the approval.  Hope to hear something tomorrow.  Our friends are now down at Ives Run Campground which is where we should be.  Maybe we can get out next week.

Well thats all for now.  Thanks For Checking In!