Wednesday, December 18, 2013

51 inches and counting....Now over 60 (5 Feet)


So since I posted yesterday we have had 8.5 more inches of snow.  So we are around 59 inches now.  I cleaned the rear deck just before bed last night and this morning we had about 3 more inches out there.  Bonnie needed to run to Warsaw this morning so I headed out and got the driveway cleaned out.  The snow plugged a lot at the end of each pass but I finally got it done.  Good thing was that it was not snowing and in fact the sun was out a time or two.  Bonnie was home before I finished so I guess it took be quite a while.

I showered and changed clothes.  Then we left for Hamburg.

Big difference from yesterday, clear and sunny, I love it.
Bonnie had an appointment and we made it a few minutes early.  We were there a couple hours and headed home.  We made a quick stop to drop off a few things for Alexus and then continued home.

Lots of icicles at Elizabeths house
We had some delicious chili that Bonnie had made over the weekend.  Then I changed and headed for court.  Finally home from there and time to relax.  The moon is up and beautiful so far not snow lets hope we get a few days snow free.

UPS did bring my replacement GPS today and walked it in all the way from the road.  The driveway was cleared but has snow on it, I wonder if they have some rule about that.  Anyway nice of them to bring it in the other day the driver tied it to the mail box post in a plastic bag.  Both our GPS needed the new maps installed and that took about 3 hours each, so thats done too.  Time for some sleep now.


Cloudy again but does not appear that we got much snow overnight, hard to tell since I did not clean the deck last night.  We do have a promise for more this afternoon and tonight so after I run around for court I will clean up what remains around here.

It snowed while I was out running around enough to make the roads slick.  I had my morning banana and washed dished.  Then changed clothes and went out to clean the deck, the pavers, and the driveway.  I even shoveled the stairs up to the deck.  Good news while I was out they came and filled our propane tank, 189.4 gallons.  Thanks to the delivery man as he had to tromp through some pretty deep snow to get to the tank and then clean off snow to get to the fill port.

The propane fill port is unburied and the tank is full
I really appreciate his effort since I was not here to help.  Here is a picture of the garage roof, we have had over 60 inches of snow and you can see how much it has packed down.

Packed down to less than 2 feet.
You can see the layers in this close up
Kind of a heat wave today up into the 20s today.  Bonnie got back from the Dr and shopping and we carried in the groceries.  Now for a little TV and hope to get to bed early.  I worked on the snow for about 3 hours earlier and am tired.


The alarm went off at 6am, I checked and there is only 1 inch of new snow.  We are headed to the mission today to volunteer.  I unburied the trash yesterday so hoping it gets picked up today.

Nice drive downtown today.  Elizabeth was not feeling well so after 2 hours we got back in the car and headed home.  All was well until we got back to Wyoming County.  The Lake Effect Snow Machine has kicked in again and we had 3 or more new inches on top of the inch we got last night.  Bonnie laid down as soon as we got home, not feeling well either.  I napped and watched a little TV.

Well the snow so I headed out to clear everything.  I have stopped counting inches of snow and am switching to feet.  We got a half foot of snow today and now that it is moved maybe the blacktop of the driveway will appear again.  We have lots of ice so I am hoping it all will melt the past few days.

Well I am beat, time to relax, post this and maybe nap a little.

Thanks For Checking In!

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