Sunday, December 15, 2013

More Snow and Still More Snow


Woke up to light snow again this morning looks like a couple new inches since I cleaned the deck last night.  Bonnie has to take her sister to the Dr today so I need to get out and clean the driveway.

Just getting started (Turned out to be my view a lot this week)
The snow was like paste again and kept plugging the chute at the end of the runs.  The snow is wet next to the blacktop and then freezes once it is exposed.  It continued to snow as I cleared and about another inch came down in the 2 hours it took me to clear the snow.

Two hours later
We could use an afternoon of sun but not seeing that for the next few days, lots of ice on the driveway and I am hoping to not have to put chains on the tractor.

The sun tried to burn through but no luck

Heard these are call "Selfies" so I snapped one
Bonnie left to take her sister and the Lake Effect moved north and cranked up here again.  Alexus called hoping for a ride home, but then found a ride with a friends Grand mother, I just had to call the school and say ok.  Her mom is in a meeting and could not call, but said ok.  Just heard she is home safe, good.  Snowing hard again.  UPS dropped my package off out at the road, tied it to the mailbox pole.

Bonnie made it home and brought her sister with her for the night.  Tomorrow they are heading over to Warsaw if the weather is fit to travel.  The snow bands moved north but will pass by here on their way south again later this evening.  Looks like I will be blowing snow again in the morning.  Not much else to report on tonight.


Well we got another 4 or 5 inches overnight.

The railing were all clear last night
Bonnie and her sister needed to go to Warsaw so I headed out to clear snow.  I did the driveway all around the pavers, and the rear deck.  Took me over two hours.  It snowed while I was out there so I was soaked inside and out.  I popped something in my back while I was shoveling so have had heat on my back and took it easy all day.

Bonnie got home after dark and we carried in the groceries, I think it has stopped snowing for the night.  Looking out back we have another 3 or 4 inches on the deck.  Watched the news and the forecast is for a snow storm for the whole area tomorrow, not lake effect but a real storm so the whole area will get snow.  Could be 10 inches or more, oh boy.

Not much else to say about today.


Looks like another 4 inches or so of snow this morning.  I cleared the driveway and headed up to court for a couple hours.

Just as i headed into the house I spotted a broken bolt on the ground, never a good sign.  I recognized it and had a spare.  So I put the new bolt in and went in to change clothes.

Never good to see a broken bolt after you have run the tractor.
Bonnie was baking and cooking.  I got home and we got ready to leave for the Camping club party.  Its snowing but I think it will be all right to go.

We left home around 4PM and headed for North Tonawanda about 44 miles.  We made a quick stop in East Aurora at the bank and then jumped on the 400 to the 90 to the 290 to get there.  We had one car lose control on the 400 up in front of us and bounce off the guard rail.  There were two other cars stopped and they were getting out of the car so we continued.  We move along pretty good until another car lost control right in front of us.  He weaved back and forth and got stopped without hitting anything, we eased past him as he composed himself.

Lots of people were at the party when we got there and we ended up with 18 people, a pretty good turn out.  The food was excellent and after a short business meeting we did our traditional White Elephant exchange.

The girls catching up before we ate
Bob checking out his dancing dog.

Everyone was interested in see what the gifts were
After dessert we convoyed toward home with the Rindo's.  We split off at Route 77 and they continued to Batavia.  Our roads were pretty good and we only saw one deer as it jumped over the guard rail and off the road.  I picked up the phone to text them just as they did us.  We were both home safe.  Bob face timed me and we chatted for a few minutes.  My sister then chatted with me for a few minutes on AIM.  Bonnie and I watched a recorded show while the washer and dryer ran.  Now its time to call it a day.  Its still snowing but not too hard we only got a couple inches since I cleared the driveway today.


Still snowing when we got up this morning.  Not a lot of new snow but several inches.  We are not going out until later today so I will clear the driveway later.  We will be headed to the children's pagent this evening at church.  So we are catching up on recorded TV again.  Bonnie made biscuits and gravy for brunch and is working on goulash for later on today.

My back is still sore but I am able to get things done.  I went out about 1:30 and cleared another 9 inches of snow off the back deck, that only took about 30 minutes.  Then back to TV, good news the Bills are winning right now.  Still have to clear the driveway and of course its still snowing.

Clean Deck again
We watched one show and then I went out to clean the driveway so we could get out to go to the pageant at church.  I started to blow snow and it was just right for packing in the chute again so I had to dig it out quite often.  It started snowing harder and harder.  I snow was piling up on the tractor and on me.  My carharts got soaked through hope they dry before I have to go out again.  I am running out of places to put the snow.  While I was out it snowed over two inches.

You can see the new snow line

It is really coming down
 Lots of snow, thats how Lake Effect is.  The band is only 8 miles wide.  It was working its way north and normally will sink back south as the wind shifts in the evening hours.

The band of snow with us in the middle
 Its coming down at a rate of 3-4 inches an hour.  The road out front is a mess.  While we were discussing that we probably should not go out tonight I got a text that the Pageant at church was cancelled.  We were looking forward to it but its not safe to be out, the plows can not keep up with the snow.

Another 6 inches on the railings since about 4 or 2 hours worth of snow.
We just tried to watch the Hallmark Christmas movies I set up to record.  We got an error.  I thought I knew what happened.  I went out and cleaned a lot of snow off the Satellite Antenna, all is well again.  No recordings but we can watch one live.

So we are in for the evening.  We had over 51 inches of snow since Tuesday and that was this afternoon.  Stay tuned for new totals next week.

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