Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Where is the sun


Been a long day.  Up early and picked up Elizabeth, we were at the Collision shop before 8 to pick up her car.  The deer did over 7000 dollars damage lots of new parts including the radiator.  There are a few paint blemishes so we will drop it off Wednesday on the way to work and volunteer at the Mission.  I stopped at court on the way home for a couple hours to start to catch up on paperwork.  Then off to the post office to pick up all our mail.  It filled a whole tote.  I sorted it and am about 1/2 way through going through it.  I checked all the bills and notices so should be ok in that department.

Bonnie bought a turkey yesterday, brined it overnight and boy did it smell good cooking all day.  It was ready around 3pm and she served it and squash around 4:30.  I took a shower then and headed up to court.  Only a couple cases to arraign and then lots more paperwork.

Finally home and boy am I tired I can barely keep my eyes open time for bed.


Hey the sun was out today a much nicer and happier day.  I was up early and headed out to the post office and bank for court.  Then worked on paperwork at court again.  Finally home after noon and I made it in time to help Bonnie carry up the groceries.  First bag I grabbed broke open and 4 cans of beans hit the ground and 1 glass jar of white sauce that broke.  So I had that to clean up.

After a little relaxing and TV we changed clothes and headed to Salvatore's for a customer appreciation dinner put on by our financial advisor.  It was very nice and the speakers were interesting also. When we arrived home I saw something in the driveway up by the garage.  It was an Opossum licking up the white sauce I missed.  The lights did not bother him, I had to blow the horn to get him to leave so I could pull in the garage. Finally ready for bed, another early day tomorrow.


I was up early again.  I met Elizabeth at the collision shop so they could buff out the paint.  Then we headed for Buffalo City Mission.  I helped there and then headed home, dropping Elizabeth off to pick up her car.  A quick stop at the bank and home.  Counted out my pills for the nest month and then had a bowl of home made turkey soup that Bonnie made today it was very good.  She is off at a Thirty One function.  Thats about it for the start of this week.  I think I get to stay around home all day tomorrow.

Thanks For Checking In!

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