Sunday, December 8, 2013

Fickle weather


Up this morning no sunshine.  I have a low battery alarm on my outside thermometer so will have to change that.  Wow another alarm on my computer touch pad battery, changed that.

Working again

New batteries in the Apple touch pad also
FedEx was here early and dropped off a package of Crystal Light, we buy it using our Amazon Prime account cheaper than in the stores and 2 day delivery.

Good way to buy Crystal Light
UPS came also and brought a gift card that was a promotion on Amazon.

My older Garmin GPS needed a map update which I did last night, its 5 years old.

DOA Garmin 765T it gave us a good 5 years
Well it did not install properly.  So today I called Garmin support, after about 5 minutes of trouble shooting they said send it in and we will send you a new one.  My model is no longer made so I am getting a slightly upgraded one.  So I am off to the Post Office to send it in.

Decided to pick up some gas for the snow blowers while I was down there.

$9.00 to fill this 2.5 gallon container.
Bonnie got her hair trimmed today and made some calls and appointments.  Tonight she is off to a meeting about helping at the Rural Outreach Center.  The temperature got up to 61 today but is already down to 40 and they tell us bad weather is on the way.  Looking to the West its easy to see that they are predicting.

Well thats about it for tonight.


Yesterday the snow had all melted and we had a little rain to help that along.  No sunshine again this morning and everything is white again, we received about 1/2 inch of snow overnight.  This is the first day since we got home that neither of us has anything scheduled.

So we had a pretty easy day watched some TV Bonnie ran the dirty clothes through the washing machine and dryer.  She also made a trip to East Aurora.  I was tracking a couple packages that UPS said would be delivered today.

Finally the Big Brown Truck pulled in and they brought one box up to the door.  They have helpers on our truck now for the busy season.  I told him I thought there should be another box on the truck.  He went back and told the driver.  I heard them rustling around in the truck and finally they found the other box.  Happy Happy it was the NEST thermostat that I have been waiting for.

Everything you need including the screwdriver was in the box
So this solves my problem with knowing the house is ok when we are away.  This wirelessly connects to the internet and lets me not only adjust the temperature but it also tells me what the temperature in the house is.  The whole install took about 15 minutes which included setting it up.

First I removed the old unit

Took a picture of what wires went where

Mounted the new plate and hooked up the wires

Snapped in the new thermostat

Turned on the power and of course it connected to the internet and downloaded an update

All setup and ready to keep us warm this winter.
Bonnie made supper and now we are going to watch the Sound of Music that we recorded.


The house was warm when we got up this morning so I guess the new nest is working.  We are running in different directions this morning and then meeting for lunch.  Bonnie has a Thirty-One product revel meeting and I am headed to court.  Then we are meeting my high school group for lunch at the Elma Towne Grill.  Good news is that the sun is out this morning even though there is a 60% chance of snow forecast, we did get a dusting over night.

I made it to court for an hour and then headed to lunch, Bonnie was already there and soon the whole group was seated and ordered.  I had decided last night to have a burger and thats what I had.  It was good and has keep me full for the rest of the day.  Its was snowing right up until dark and I have not looked out for a while to see if it is still snowing.  I did get in a bit of nap while Bering Sea Gold was playing on the DVR.

Not much else to report on tonight.  We are beginning to think about where we would like to travel this coming year so stay tuned.  It is down to 19 degrees as I head off to bed.


Up early for church, made coffee and got ready to go.  Yea the sun is out, but its in the teens again.  The new NEST told me the heat ran for 4 hours yesterday, I think thats pretty good.  Church was good and the Pastor had a good message.  We dropped the girls off and went home for a while.  We watched a movie "Flight" the language was pretty bad at times but he did do the right thing in the end.

Then back into Elizabeth's so Bonnie could help put the tree up and Elizabeth was making Chicken Wing soup for supper.

Alexus did most of the work

Lights and Ornaments on
We headed back home, no new snow today.  Some places like my sister in Philadelphia got snow and ice today.  The Bills lost again.  Thats about it for this week

Thanks For Checking In!

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