Wednesday, December 11, 2013

What does this week hold......Winter Storm Warning


Made a trip to the bathroom at 7:30 this morning and laid back down for a minute.  I must have still been tired as I woke up just before 10.  Does not look like we got any ice over night.
Pretty lazy day here just did a few things on the computer.  Bonnie left to go with here Dad to a Seniors luncheon and then visit her sister and then her cousin.

The mail man brought a couple packages to the door but left the mail out in the mailbox, not sure whats up with that.  At 3pm its almost dark out and the NWS issued a Winter Storm warning for tomorrow night up to 14 inches of snow.  Time will tell.

I have court so I am headed up there.  Court went well not many cases but we cleaned up some paperwork.  I took my NCIC certification test online and passed so I my certification again.  The driveway was getting iced up when I went up to court but the precipitation stopped and it seems to have cleared up again.  Now for another good nights sleep again.


Woke up to 20 degrees this morning with plenty of big snow flakes floating down, no wind so it is quite pretty.

Not much to report today.  I headed for court and there was light snow.  As I looked out the windows at times it was snowing very hard.  The town trucks have been out all afternoon but the state has not.  The state roads were pretty slippery when I came home.  This Lake Effect snow is moving north and south and is pretty isolated to the bands of snow.  Bonnie headed for the free clinic she is volunteering at in South Wales about 20 miles.  She called to make sure they were still going to be open.  Elizabeth had slow going getting out of the city after work but then drove out of the snow and the roads were good the rest of the way.

They say some areas could get 20 inches of snow, it just depends how the wind blows and where the snow falls.  Well we got about 4 inches of snow in a couple hours.  Bonnie called and said she was on her way home so I put on my clothes and went out to clean the driveway.  The snow was like paste and kept plugging up the chute but I finished up just as Bonnie pulled in.  The state trucks are out but our hill is all ice, cars are spinning trying to get up the hill.  At least 4 trucks went by while I was out so hopefully the salt will work soon now that the snow stopped.  It looks like the the snow band has moved South but it normally comes back in the morning.  I still want to clean the deck off tonight and then hit the hay.


Up early at 6am look outside and it looks like we go another 6 inches of snow.  I quickly had some breakfast and then work Bonnie.  I headed out to clear the driveway before we had to leave.  The snow was perfect for blowing and I cleared as much as I could in a half-hour.  Then a quick shower and we headed out to pick up Elizabeth and head to the mission.  The driveway already had another inch of snow.

Snowy morning our driveway is here somewhere
We got on the 400 and after about a mile or two, no snow and it stayed that way all the way downtown.  Of course it continued to snow at home all day long.

Elizabeth got a call from the school that Route 20A our road was closed for about 12 miles.  So neither of us could get home and the school bus was going to take Alexus to another school.  So we were able to leave a little early and head out to pick up Alexus.  Still not snowing downtown and still snowing at home.  We started getting texts from Alexus and it seems she was now on the bus, the road was open and she was headed home.  It started to snow part way home and increased all the way home.  Alexus made it home and about 5 minutes later we dropped off Elizabeth.  We had to just stop on the highway and let her walk in.  Traffic was moving super slow but we made it to our house.

The snow was a foot or so deep in the driveway but we bumper plowed our way in the driveway without a problem  The CR-V never hesitated and did a great job today.  Sure am glad I put the new Michelin All Weather Tires on last summer.

CR-V plowed a good path and dragged all the way in

The snow was about 3/4 of the way up the tires

Pushed it right into the garage, I had to shovel it out

I had to shovel a path to the house
I got into the basement and the garage door would not shut.  I had to go out and clear the snow away and off of the safety sensors.

I measured the snow on the back deck and we had about 18 inches there, I did not clear this morning. The new blower did a good job clearing it even though it was higher than the front of the blower.

Deep snow on the deck

The snow is over half way up the railings
So we are safe and warm at home, the snow has stopped for now and I will clear the driveway in the morning.  This Lake Effect snow is light and fluffy so its pretty easy to move.

Its been an interesting week, lots of work to do tomorrow and the promise of more snow.  The pictures are not real good, sorry, the lighting is poor I think they call it flat light.

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