Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Merry Christmas!


Not much to say tonight.  We had a great day.  We met Bob and Jean at La Bella's today for lunch.  We both like to eat there and we visited for several hours before we both had to head out.  Bob and I worked together in Buffalo and still enjoy getting together and keeping in touch.  Bonnie and Jean had a good chat also.

Then we headed for East Aurora to Tops for a few last minute things.  Bonnie also dropped off a gift card thats going to end up helping a family have a good Christmas.  Traffic was crazy in the village it was real close to being grid locked around Tops but we got in and out and finally made it home.  I had picked up a few more driveway markers at Value while Bonnie shopped, so I put those in when we got home.

No court tonight but I did go up for a little while to do paperwork and a couple people actually showed up that were not on the calendar and we were able to help them.  Wow has it cooled off down in the lower 20s already.  High tomorrow is to be in the teens.

The mail brought a couple Christmas presents today and UPS should bring a couple tomorrow.  Thats about it for tonight.


Wow its been a long day.  My day started at 2:15am when the phone rang.  I soon was on my way up to the Town Hall.  Things went smoothly up there and I was back home at 4:45am.  I went right back to bed but laid there for a long time before I could get to sleep.  I was up before 9 and Bonnie was up shortly after.  It had started to snow while I was at court and when I got up we had between 3 and 4 inches.

We will have a White Christmas
I needed to go to Attica to the bank and the CRV had no trouble getting out of the driveway.  When I got home I tried to nap for an hour or so in the recliner and had some success.

We needed to head over to Bonnie's sisters for the annual family Christmas Eve party.  So I headed out to clear the driveway.  I was also hoping UPS would come as I 3 things that are to be delivered today that I need for Christmas.  I showered after I finished and we headed out, no UPS yet.

We had a nice surprise when we got to Carol's, she was there, they got out of work early today.

Our hostess for the evening.
Carol and Bonnie got the lasagna going in the oven and we had a chance to talk and catch up on whats been going on.  Just before six I went out and shoveled around the garage and every one started arriving.  We had a nice turnout of family and it was so nice to see everyone.  The kids had a great time playing together and a hula hope kept them pretty busy.

They were counting how many times it went around

Even the teens got involved

and the adults
It was good to see everyone having a great time.  We did a small gift exchange and of course had lots of desserts and cookies.

Nicole, Brielle, and Grandma Donna. all headed to Erie tonight

This group stayed close to the food and drink
We left just after nine as we have an early morning again.  So I am off to bed and hoping for a good nights rest.  After the early start to the day I have not felt very good all day.


Merry Christmas to all.  A special thanks to all that are out there Protecting us today.  I know a lot of firemen in our county are busy at a fire.  A special thanks to the Men and Women in our military that Stand On the Wall to keep us Safe everyday.

Bonnie and I are headed in to the City Mission in a few minutes to help with the Hambone Express.  The plan today is to deliver about 3800 meals to those in need throughout the area.  This includes a number that get Meals on Wheels, the Mission delivers for them on Thanksgiving and Christmas to give their preparers and volunteers a day off.  Its 4 degrees out so it will be a bit nippy but at least its not snowing at the moment.  By the time we got to Elizabeths to pick her up it was -6.

Glad the car heater was working.
The roads were good going in to the city and we arrived on time and got our assignments.  Alexus and I worked together as Greeters and handing out the delivery assignments.

Sue giving the thumbs up to Elizabeth

We worked the greeter and assignment table

Some folks really enjoy this day

This is where the meals are assembled and packed
 The meals are served cold with reheating instructions.  Each delivery team got a map and list from me with 5-8 stops.  They had bags with from 1 to 4 meals to deliver at each address.  During the time from 8:00am to 11:15am almost 3800 meals were taken and delivered to those in need.
Approx. 400 volunteers were involved today and many others before today getting ready.

The last of the meals is given a blessing before it leaves
The magnitude of this whole operation is overwhelming.  The impact is far reaching not only on those that receive the meals but on those that participate in preparing and delivering the food.

One team that stands out from today was a Marine just back from Afghanistan, that brought his family.  He knew about this and actually volunteered and signed up his family by email while he was still in Afghanistan.

We had a great day.  Then headed to Elizabeths and opened presents while the Turkey baked and made our tummies growl in anticipation.

Dinner was great and the clean up is just about complete.  Time to post this and sit back and relax.

Merry Christmas one more time have a great evening.

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