Sunday, December 22, 2013

Now the Rain Comes


What a start to the day the temperature is above 32 and the sun is out, hope it stays that way for a while.  I have a busty day planned.

Then the phone rang.  Alexus needed to go to the Dr., Bonnie was not feeling well so I rearranged my day but still had a lot I could get done.  I knocked down the snow that was overhanging the gutters out back and in the front of the house.  Hopefully now all the snow melt will go down the gutters and away from the house.  I am a bit surprised that we do not have any icicles on the house, we usually get some out back, anyway this is a good thing.

I got things together and headed in toward East Aurora.  First stop was at court to pick up a check for stamps for court.  I stopped at the Wales Center Post Office as they open at 1:45pm.  All the post offices out here are only open 6 or less hours a day so you have to keep a schedule of who is open when.  I mailed a check to our time share in Grand Cayman but he did not have enough stamps for Court.  Then I took off for the bank in East Aurora to deposit some stuff for Bonnie.  But Alexus texted me and needed picked up by 2:07, so change of plans and headed to pick her up.  After I got her we headed back to the bank, finally got that done.  Then we were off to the Post Office and despite the long line it went pretty quick and they had all the stamps I needed.  Time to head for the Dr. office.  But first another quick stop at Tim Hortons for a couple iced cap drinks.  All that and we made it to the appointment a couple minutes early.  Alexus went in by herself and I stayed in the car and read on my iPad Kindle app.  She came out and we headed home her mother will pick up an Rx for her on the way home.

Finally home and I am sleepy, guess I will try to get a power nap.

I just checked my records and this time last year it had not snowed yet, what a difference this year, I show 64 inches so far.  Never got the power nap so I am off to bed.


Things around here have been about as exciting as watching snow melt.  Wait a minute thats exactly whats going on.  In the 40's today and raining a little so the snow is starting to melt pretty fast.

The driveway is reappearing

The pavers were under the snow

Out by the highway
We are to get a lot more rain and it is to be warm for at least the next two days.  So now we have flood watches for areas around us. Up here on the hill we should be ok.

I went to court for a while today and Bonnie made another run to the post office.

Bonnie and I headed to the Cove tonight.  She wanted to hear a band.  Ken Wilczak started this band years ago and they continue to play and entertain.  I have know Ken for about 60 years.  His Aunt and my parents were friends when we were very young and we played together when he visited her.  Then years later he moved to Depew and ended up graduating with me.  Ken plays guitar and sings and was inducted into the Buffalo Music Hall of Fame in 1984.  Anyway we got there a little early and had dinner.  Chris another classmate and her sister joined us.  The lighting is not so great but here is what I was able to capture

Ken came and chatted between sets

Ken up on stage

Ken and the band
 The place really filled up and quite a few people started dancing.  Then Ken called up friends that were in the crowd that he had played with through the years and they had a jam session and played some songs together.

The db meter on my iPhone was a jumping.
We had a good time and were home safe by 10:30pm.  We did follow a driver on the 400 for a ways that was literally all over the road, a bit scary.  I thought he was going to hit a bridge one time.  We fell back and lost track of him as other cars caught up with him, hope he got home safe.

Its midnight now December 21st and its now 45 degrees out.  Good night all.


Another overcast day hard to get decent pictures.  We both slept till 9:30 this morning, then neither of us had much energy.  Its foggy and raining and the snow is melting fast.

The run off from up the hill out back

And out by the highway, this runs under our driveway

Still hoping all the snow on the roofs will melt
So my coffee gave me enough energy to go out and get the mail.  While out there I figured it was time to sweep up the garage floor.

I hope it has a change to dry out some.
Its amazing how and what melts off the cars.  I must have swept up 5 or more pounds of the grit they mix with the salt for traction on the road.  Again I am reminded how nice it is to have all the melted snow run to the drains and out of the garage, thanks again to Beck Builders and crew.

Well its almost Christmas so I started one of my least favorite things, wrapping presents.

First two done


The deck had a glaze of ice on it when we got up for church this morning.  But no ice on the driveway or roads when we headed for church.  North of us got a lot more ice and there are some without power.

Not anything on the agenda for today so we watched a couple Christmas movies on Hallmark.  I also got a couple short naps.  It was up to 46 this afternoon and we got a little more rain.  Some areas are flooded while others have trees and branches down from the ice.

We are headed back to church tonight for the children's pageant that was snowed out last week.  So we are looking forward to that.  So I am going to go ahead and post this.

Merry Christmas and remember the reason for this season!

Thanks For Checking In!

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