Sunday, December 29, 2013

The Week Between


Looks like the snow is back.  Light snow when I got up, then it stopped, now I can hardly see the woods it is snowing so hard.

Finally letting up some
So we only got a couple more inches before the snow stopped.  I went out and cleared the deck and then had some lunch.  After lunch I sliced one of the small hams that Bonnie bought for sandwiches and ground up the other one for ham salad, one of my favorites.

Grinding up the ham salad
Then I headed out to clear the driveway.  Just as I finished that it started to snow again.  Bonnie cooked up turkey and rice this afternoon and I had a bowl for supper, boy was it good.  It was still snowing as I headed out for church for rehearsal with the worship team.  I tried out my new socks, very comfy and one of my new long sleeved pocket t shirts also very nice.  Thanks Bonnie and Elizabeth.  The snow stopped during rehearsal and I had a nice drive home.  I am ready for a good nights sleep.


It was not snowing when I woke up this morning and stayed that way all day long.  There was a couple inches on the driveway and deck from yesterday evening so it did get cleaned, I just did the deck at 6:30pm.  We had the FedEx truck coming today so I wanted the driveway clear for them, and it was.

Not much happening today for a Friday.  I did go up to court and worked a little up there.  Bonnie did the wash and the rest of the day we pretty much took it easy.  We did have the ham salad for lunch and boy was it good.  Thats about it for today.


No snow and in the upper 30's again today, the snow is melting.  Nothing on the agenda today but the Town's end of year meeting and I was asked to administer the Oath to the reelected town officials.  Bonnie did a little cleaning today other than that we took it easy.


My morning got off to a rough start, my alarm never went off.  I was awake a couple times but when I finally looked at the clock it was 8:15.  I was to be at church before 9:00.  No shower, no breakfast, no coffee.  I woke Bonnie threw on clothes and headed for church.  I did make it in time to get ready for the service, but it took me a while to really wake up.

I was happy to get home and relax and nap in my recliner.  Bonnie brought Alexus home with her and I had my cereal for breakfast/lunch and then napped.  I woke up just before we needed to leave for our nieces for Jackson's birthday party.  We picked up Elizabeth and headed into East Aurora.  We found their new house no problem.  I was surprised that Grandma and Grandpa were not there.  We found out that Grandpa needed to go to the emergency center since one of their cats has bitten him and it needed looked at and treated.  Seems it is infected and he needed some antibiotics.  Hopefully he will be healed soon.

Grandpa is on the mend
Carissa had lots of good snacks and a couple kinds of Chili and then there was the birthday cake.  Lots of good eats.  Soon it was time for Jackson to open his presents.  He has gotten pretty good at opening the presents and he knows which ones he wants to open first.

Jackson enjoyed his presents

He scores a fishing rod and fishing gear from Uncle Pete
 Jackson went around and thanked everyone for his gifts and gave out lots of hugs.
I think he enjoyed another gift from Uncle Pete, silly string

Uncle Bill bears and wears most of the Silly String
 We watched a bit of the Bills game, hoping they would come from behind, we headed home.  Elizabeth offered to cook supper but we headed home.  It rained a good part of the day but was dry when we got home.  So thats about it for today.  As the year comes to an end I hope you can enjoy time with friends and family.

Bonnie got her deep roaster pan back, not sure where it has been residing
Happy New Year, this is the last post for 2013.  There have been 32,914 views of the blog in 9 different countries.

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