Wednesday, March 19, 2014

A bit of a warmup


Brilliant sunshine this morning and 12 degrees.  It is to climb to 26 degrees today.  I am still getting used to the idea of being completely retired with no plans to find another job.

I think it did actually get up to 28 today and the sun did stay out most of the day.  I spent the day work on research for a long trip we are in the planning stages of.  I worked on that for a few hours.  I am also an admin of a face book group called Living the RV Dream.  John and Kathy Huggins started the group and it has grown to over 4000 members so we get lots of requests to join each day.  So I spent quite a bit of time looking at the requests.  There are a whole lot of spammers that try to join groups.

I did manage a little bit of a nap in the recliner before supper.  Bonnie made corned beef and cabbage for St Patricks day and it was pretty good.  Then I was off to my Men's Study group at church.  Back home by 9 and a little TV before bed.


Another nice sunny morning and already it is 32 degrees, on its way in to the mid 40s they say.  Last night when I was getting ready to go out some thing looked different out back.  I looked again and there were deer about 6 of them laying around the bases of several trees at the edge of the woods.  The snow had melted and they could lay on the grassy ground.  That opened a new trouble ticket.  I could not find my telephoto lens for my camera, and the battery was dead in Bonnie's so no pictures.  I had my iPhone ready as I went out to leave but they immediately got up and scampered off into the woods.

We do have a lunch date today and tomorrow so are looking forward to those.  For now its back to the planning table.  If it gets warm enough maybe I can run the antenna cable in through the basement instead of the front door.

Not being able to find my camera lens has been bugging me.  I usually put stuff in the same place all the time so I can find my stuff.  I knew I had it on the trip to Florida so I decided to check the car.  Sure enough.

There it was in the door pocket.  Case closed
We had a nice lunch with the folks that I worked closest with at the Town Hall.  We had a good time at Smokies in Java Center and the food was pretty good also.  It was up to 46 and still sunny when we got home so I changed clothe and headed under the deck to run the antenna cable into the house.

Tight spaces under the front porch
 The ground was still frozen so no mud that was nice.  I had to crawl on my hands and knees and on my back for the last little bit but I got it done.  Had to drill a hole in the rim joist and feed the cable in to the basement.

Ran it in next to the DISH cable
Then I crawled out and went into the basement.  I fed the cable up along side a pipe into the living room and Bonnie pulled it up the rest of the way.  I hooked it up to the repeater again and we a back in business.

The deer were laying in the edge of the woods again when we got home.  They got up and retreated into the woods again.  Maybe they will get used to us doing and going.  Bonnie had collected the trash around the house and I took that out to the road.  Now I need a nap I feel warn out.  Boy am I out of shape after a long winter of sitting around.


Well our plans got stirred up today.  Bonnie went to bed early last night not feeling well and this morning she was even worse.  We had plans today to go to lunch for pancakes with friends of ours, the same lunch that got canceled last week due to the blizzard.  So I contacted them and let them know.  When Bob called me back my phone did not ring but I did get his voice mail.  Not sure what causes this.

Bonnie went back to bed and I needed to run to Attica to look at a computer and then turn in my keys to the court to the Town Clerk.  I washed my car in Attica, just to insure that it would rain as forecast.  Then I looked at a computer and set it up, update the virus program on another, and ordered a new one with windows 7 to replace an older XP computer.  Then up to turn in my keys and finally home.

Bonnie was still in bed so I did some more trip research and watched a little TV.  As predicted the rain has started.  So they say tomorrow is the start of Spring......time will tell.

Thanks For Checking In!

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