Sunday, March 2, 2014

Another big storm forms


Another cold day here and we had a couple more inches of snow.  At times it looked like a full blown blizzard.  We were fortunate it did not last long.  Elizabeth and the rest of the commuters were not so lucky as the snow hit during the rush hour.  She reported that she tapped the brakes and was sliding sideways before she knew it, but all turned out well.  I am hoping it is not snowing when we go into the mission in the morning.

We spent the day watching the recordings from last night and keeping an eye on the weather.  With the wind it is just too cold to go out.  It is 3 degrees at 8PM and it is to get colder with wind chill reading down to -30 tonight, wow too cold for me.  Saturday is to be in the 30's so I will let the driveway go until then unless we get a lot more snow.

The $20 a month credit we had on our house phone has expired.  For just basic service they want $54 a month plus long distance and it costs us more to call Warsaw which is 12 miles away.  Since we have cell phones that drop calls in the house and will not make calls I did some research and decided to install a repeater to boost the signal in the house.  Our phones work outside so I am hoping this will work.  If so we will give up the house phone and use the phones.  I also ordered some wireless Panasonic blue tooth phones so that we do not have to carry the cell phones around with us in the house.  In about 7 months we will be $54 a head every month.

Repeater Base

Blue tooth phones
Bonnie did her volunteering tonight at the ROC center and made it back home safely she said the thermometer in the car read zero most of the way home.


Its been a long day.  We started the morning off at 6am and headed downtown to the mission at 7:30.  It was -8 degrees and the snow was crunchy.  The traffic receiver on the GPS was telling me there were traffic delays ahead so I was not looking forward to that.  We picked up Elizabeth and kept on going.  By the time we got on the 190 traffic was moving again, a little slow but we were at the mission before 8:30.

We had a busy day trying to enter data for the end of the month reports.  While I did that Bonnie made a bunch of phone calls to remind people about an upcoming meeting for Chapel speakers.  We had an outstanding lunch fried fish, chicken, shrimp, hush puppies and potatoes.  Bonnie and I skipped supper.

UPS had delivered my Cellular repeater and wireless bluetooth phones.  It was all a breeze to set up and is all working as advertised.  I have the coax run through the door now, but will redo that once the weather gets warmer.  I have some tweaking to do as the phones have lots of options.  If all goes well I will cut the cord on the house phone before long.  I have my phone set up in the field test mode and I was reading -103db before turning on the amp.  Now the reading is -70 which is 33db better which is huge.  A reading of -80 is full bars on most phones.  So I think we will be ok.  I turned on the hot spot and it works well in the 3G mode also.  We have LTE coverage out here but that is in the 700MHz band and is only data.  Since we use time warner for internet I did not need it, plus the repeaters that cover all the bands are 3X as expensive.

Well time for me to get some rest not sure where the week has gone but it went fast.


So far the Big Storm has stayed out West, lets hope it stays there.  We had some sun today and it did get up to 36 degrees.  I worked at court some then came home and cleaned the driveway and pavers.  Later in the day I cleared off the deck.  I caught a cat nap and then we headed to Attica for a small group meeting with friends for a Bible study.  Finally home a bit of tv and now ready for bed.  Does not seem like I did that much but the day sure went by fast.  The new phone set up with the repeater is working well.


Well the big storm has not hit here yet but the single digit temperatures are back.  We did get about 3 inches of snow overnight, but headed out through the snow to church this morning.  We stopped and picked up the girls on the way.  After church we went to SAMS, then to Mighty Taco for lunch, I had my favorite Super Mighty and Rostito, with my favorite drink of Loganberry.  Then we headed home but Elizabeth talked me into stopping at WalMart.  Now we can head home.  Nope now she needs to stop for eggs from her egg person.  Finally we dropped her off and headed home.

We got home and the girls came out to spend the day and work on computers and ordering healthy food off line.  I watched the end of the race and got a brief nap.

The new Cellular House repeater is working great and I plan to cancel our house phone this week.  So  those of you that call us use our cell phone numbers from now on.  If you don't know them leave a comment or email me.  Its been a good week.

Guess we will watch a little TV and then head to bed.

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