Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Almost Spring....I think not


It warmed up into the low 30's overnight, but snowing enough to cover the driveway.  But it continues to climb up into the 40's, still snowing but melting.  Bonnie got up and headed to Warsaw to get lab work done for the upcoming Dr appointment.  It was 4 by the time she got home and the sun is in and out.  So I got out the clippers and we went out to the front porch and I got my haircut.  It was a bit chilly but clean up is much easier on the front porch.  I will have to add the hair clippers to my check list for packing for long trips.

After catching up on my email and blogs this morning I have spent quite a bit of time working on our itinerary for this Spring so thats coming along.

Well late this afternoon the NWS upgraded the Winter Storm Watch to a Winter Storm Warning with up to 12+ inches of new snow, high winds and much colder.  Lets hope this is winters last hurrah.  Well I am off to church for a men's group meeting.  Still in the 40's when I got home hard to believe we are to get another big storm.  Well off to bed now.


Some sun this morning got up to 50 today.  Had an easy morning then I headed up for my last day in court.  I had a full calendar and did not finish until 5pm.  Then we had notified one case to show up at 6:30 and I got a call just as I finished supper so headed back up to finish that case.  Then home to listen to all the news on the storm that is coming.  Time will tell but they have issued a blizzard warning for the first time for most of WNY.  Some predictions are for up to 18 inches of snow but hight winds so it will be hard to measure.

Well I am headed off to bed its 1130 and its still 39 outside.  It should be an interesting 24 hours.


Its the Second Blizzard of the Year

Its been quite a day so far.  I had a good 8 hours of sleep last night and got up at 9am.  We had about an inch of snow.  Shortly after I got up I noticed the noise from the wind increasing and the snow fall increased also.  I got busy checking on friends and family.  Most of the schools if not all in the area are closed, so Alexus was safe at home.  Elizabeth had gone into work only then to see the email that she could have stayed home.  Several of her co-workers had also made it into the mission.  Bonnies sister was also downtown at work.  I tuned into the weather channel and it was all about the Buffalo Blizzard.  I got busy on email and texting and encouraged them all to head home as soon as they could.  To make a somewhat long story short they were all home safe before the heavy snow and really hight winds started, so that is great.

We had several inches of snow on the deck railing by 11am but at noon the wind had blown it all away.  Still snowing hard but blowing very hard.  On the somewhat sheltered deck we have 5 or 6 inches.  I just checked and there is a 1 foot drift on the deck now the snow is being moved and piled up quickly by the wind.  I tried to take a couple pictures but its hard to catch what it is really like.

Imaging the wind noise

The trees are moving back and forth

We can barely see the woods
The good news is this should just be a one day event and then much warmer on Friday.  We also got word that our Federal Tax return is in the bank.  Its not much but it will be used for Travel this summer.

Well Sunset and its still snowing and blowing but they say a couple more hours of snow and and the winds will abate overnight.  I did go out and clear the foot of snow off the rear deck.  It was packed solid but dry.  With all the wind I looked like a snowman when I was finished.  The driveway will wait till tomorrow.  Oh well I will post this and do a little more planning for this spring and summer.

Thanks For Checking In!

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