Sunday, March 9, 2014

Warming up just a bit


The sun looked nice and warm this morning but a check of the temperature chilled me right off its only 11 degrees out.  Well at least the forecast says it will warm up.  I did go out and cleared the snow off the back deck, hopefully the rest will melt off in the next couple of days.  Bonnie called in some RX's and has taken off to Warsaw to pick them up before she meets some friends at the beauty shop and maybe go out for supper.  Nope she came home after her haircut and fixed leftovers.  But mine was some of the delicious salmon and a baked sweet potato.  As soon as I finished that I headed to church for worship team practice.

Just got home at 10pm, practice went well but was a little long.  So a few minutes to relax and then off to bed.  Early morning tomorrow.


Up early this morning and on the road to downtown Buffalo to help at the mission.  I worked on statistics most of the day and Bonnie made phone calls and worked on statistics some also.  Lunch time came and we ordered from the Dinosaur BBQ that has recently opened in in Buffalo.  It was good but not great and too expensive to order anytime soon.  The weather was great today and got up to 40.  But all the melted snow froze again as soon as the sun started going down, I actually but some salt on the pavers outside the basement door as they were all icy.

Thats about it for today, we had a good day and it went by quickly.


No new snow this morning but it was cold enough that things were iced up.  It has stayed just below freezing so far today.  Bonnie got up and said we had a problem, the bedroom was right at 81 degrees.  I was getting ready to leave for court, put that on hold.  The problem turned out to be dead batteries so it was an easy fix.  But in looking at the furnace zone valves I did find a couple of loose wires that I was able to fix properly.  So far all is working well again.

I have been working on plans for our summer travels and made our first campground reservations today for Howe, IN.  We will spend a night or two there before we move to Goshen for the Escapees Bootcamp and Escapade.

Up to court for a couple hours this should be my last Saturday of work up there.  Foggy and some light frozen drizzle when I came home.  I did sweep out my bay in the garage and got about 2 gallons of grit and dirt off the floor that has fallen off the car.  We watched some recordings and napped the afternoon away.

Time to head over to Attica for our couples study and I looked out and the driveway is covered with little white ice balls, I think the roads will be fine.  We made it in good shape and had a good discussion.  Once home I set my watch and the non-automatic clocks ahead an hour.

I am off to bed as my alarm is set to 6am, sure hope the automatic DST time set works in my alarm clock.  I am working in the booth at church in the morning.  The worship leader is sick so one of the others will lead but they are changing the song list so we will practice before the service and rearrange the Media Shout program.


Well my alarm clock did what it was supposed to.  It sprang ahead at 2am and woke me promptly at the new 6am.  Now to get some coffee and a shower before heading out to church.  Its back down to 16 degrees, burr!

Church was good again today and all went well in the booth.  The sun had come out and the snow has melted off the parking lot and driveway at home again.  We stopped at Elizabeths to pick up some stuff and I helped her hook up the Apple TV she bought yesterday.  That was easy also.  Now for some NASCAR and nap time.

In between naps I worked on our Spring Trip schedule.  Its still a little fluid so I will share more later.
The heat is working right again so thats a good thing.  Only about 10 days left of winter at least according to the calendar.    Well thats about it for this week, I am expecting things to pickup and get moving quicker in the next couple of weeks so stay tuned, have a great week.

Thanks For Checking In!

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