Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Week One of Spring


Today starts the first full week of Spring and of course we had a fresh blanket of snow fall overnight, but the forecast looks like we will soon get warmer weather.

Happy birthday to our youngest grand child Reagan way out in Harvest, Alabama a proud 4 years old.

Looks like she is happy with her present
She is quite the Techno Girl.  She has been face timing me on her own for at least a year.  Looks like she has her own iPad to use now.

Bonnie stayed in bed all day until about 4:30.  She does not seem any better I sure hope she turns the corner soon.  I took off for my men's group and stopped on the way back to pick up some nyquil and dayquil type caplets for her.

We called to wish Reagan a Happy Birthday and they were just about to sing for her so we got to take part in that.  After that a little TV and now off to bed.


A friend last night asked me to quit posing about S....... so I will give it a try but we have had a lot of that.  Anyway I got up this morning and my black driveway was white again.  However it has warmed up to 37 and its sunny now so it is black again.  The grass is showing out back and these deer seem to be happy.  They even stayed when I went out to take some pictures.

Enjoying something to browse on.
They spotted me on the porch

Keeping an eye on me the others went back to eating
Looks like they got their bellies full
Bonnie is still not well and was up long enough to take some medicine.  The computer that we ordered last week for ours friends business had come in and so I am going to head over there and see if I can get it up and running on their network.

A new dell
I set up the computer and started the process to move the files onto it and will let it run for the night.
Bonnie was up when I got home so thats a good sign.  She still does not feel good but at least she is on the mend.  I made some supper and cleaned up.  Guess we will relax this evening.

On a sad note Ralph Wilson died today.  He was the owner of the Buffalo Bills and was loved by all.


Well my black driveway is white again and getting whiter with about a 2in coating.  Bonnie is still sleeping and I am headed over to Attica to hopefully finish setting up the new computer.  Spotted these as I headed out.

Looks like they are munching on the trees today

Another tree muncher
Took 7 hours to get Windows to behave.  Brand new computer had over 60 updates to Windows 7, it took hours.  Then there is the anti-virus software and the updates and scans with that.  But finally its up and running.  It stayed cold all day but was nice and sunny and in the teens.

Got home and Bonnie was up and about, she even made spaghetti, I hope this means she is feeling a lot better.  I did some work on my records and than sat down to watch some TV with Bonnie.

Thats about it for today.

Thanks For Checking In!

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