Sunday, March 30, 2014

This is more like it.....Wait a Minute


Nice and sunny this morning, but I rolled over and got about 8 1/2 hours of sleep.  Bonnie is still not well but seems a little better.  She did some sheets and towels today.  I had a call that Outlook was not behaving on the computer I set up yesterday, so I headed over there after trying to fixit on line for a while.  It just took a few minutes to get it working again.  I think it was confused over which data files it was supposed to do.  Back home we caught up on TV and I worked on some planning for Alaska again.

Hey it got up to 45 today, thats more like it.

I had a text last night asking me if I could cover the Worship Team practice tonight so I am headed to church to do that.  Practice went well, still 40 when I drove home in the rain.  The wind has really picked up here's hoping it blows in warmer weather.

Bed time I have an early morning.


Up at 6am this morning and headed to Elizabeth's.  Bonnie stayed home to rest and I rode with Elizabeth to the mission.  She had CRP and First Aid training all day and I worked in the volunteer department on statistics.  We track volunteers and their hours.  The weather is much warmer today and it is raining off and on.

Whats this a Winter Storm Watch has been issued, oh no.

We headed home and gave Pastor Graham a ride home.  Then I went straight home.  Bonnie had supper in the oven and then we did some reading and watching.  Thats about it for today.


Still above freezing when I got up this morning but very overcast.  I ended up watching Kentucky beat Louisville last night so slept in till 9 this morning.  Bonnie is still in bed and still not up to par.
Not much on the agenda I need to work on some finances and get things entered into the computer.

Well the NWS has put up a Winter Weather Advisory, time will tell if we get the nasty weather.  I worked on the computer and my finances for the end of the month.  Well everything is turning white outside again, it started out as rain but ended as the white stuff.  Who knows maybe this is the last time for this spring.  Looks like it could be nasty driving to church tomorrow.  Bonnie was not up to going to our group study tonight and has already decided she is staying home from church tomorrow. Not much else going on.


Last night when I went to bed there was about 4 inches of white stuff on the deck.  This morning it looks more like 8-10.

Lots of the white stuff
So we have lots of heavy wet snow to deal with, I hope I can make it out the driveway to church.  I got ready and headed out a little early.  Bonnie is staying home and Elizabeth texted that she was not feeling well either so was staying home.

Path to the garage
I had to shovel my way to the garage, there is at least 10 inches.  I decided the CRV might make it out the driveway but I was worried about the pile at the end of the driveway that the plow would have shoved up.  So I jumped on the tractor to make two passes so I could get out.

Almost to the highway
I was right there was over 2 feet at the end of the driveway.  I took my time and made it to the road which was clear.  I turned around and headed back.  It took me about an hour but I got a path opened up and headed for church.  Some of the roads were just wet and some were really rough looked like they had not been plowed but I made it.  I was a little late but got that just as the last song ended.

Back home we watched the NASCAR race from Martinsville and the Kentucky-Michigan game.  Hey is that the sun shining out there?

I did try to blow off the rear deck but the snow just kept pushing out in front of the blower so it will have to melt for now.

Going to relax for the evening so will go ahead and post this.

Thanks For Checking In!

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