Sunday, March 23, 2014

SPRING must have made a wrong turn!


First day of SPRING and we woke up to an inch of snow and more falling from the sky.  It has snowed all day but the temperature has stayed around 32 so some has melted while more has fallen.  Bonnie is still sick, she was up for a while and even made hamburgers for lunch, before she went back to bed.  We have nothing on the schedule so we can just take it easy today.

I did an email with our final bill from Verizon for the landline and I paid that.  I also noticed last night that Crabb Oil had not taken an automatic payment from our account.  So I called them.  They only take payments for so many months usually 10 then you have to reauthorize them in case your payment has changed.  Our others are not that way so I will have to figure out what to do in the future.  I did make a quick online payment to keep our account current.

Four o'clock and its still snowing.  I did run out and get the mail, not much there.  I also got a call for an arraignment, guess everyone did not get the word that I'm retired.  Back to TV.  I watched Ohio State lose earlier and I am still pulling for Syracuse in the NCAA March Madness, they are even playing here in Buffalo.

It was still snowing as it got dark and still not piling up much but it is getting colder.  Well I am off to bed as I have an early morning.


Up early today, ate, showered, and headed to Elizabeth's to ride into the mission with her.  Bonnie stayed home today to rest and hopefully do a 31 Party late this afternoon.

Quiet day in the volunteer leader just Sue the Volunteer coordinator and me.  So I got a lot done on the project I have been working on to scan in all the older applications and files.  Bonnie did go and do her party but she is far from better yet.  The driveway is still covered with snow I am hoping it will melt on its own.  I did go out and clean off the back deck.

I was napping when I got a FaceTime call from our friend Bob up in Batiavia.  He was checking on Bonnie.  Also he wanted to reschedule our pancake lunch and he had a few questions about his iPhone and iMac.  So we are trying for Tuesday for lunch, this is our third time so hope it is a charm. Then we got things worked out for the phone and computer.  Bonnie got home about then and we settled in for the evening.

UPS brought me a book I had ordered.  It will help us a lot in our planning for a big trip.

Can you guess where we are headed
Our friends John and Kathy of have asked us to go with them to Alaska in 2015.  We are doing our research in earnest and if all goes well we will be headed North next summer.  It is on our bucket list and we actually talked about it last fall when we had dinner with them in Hershey.  Thats about it for today.


Gloomy this morning and some rain.  It is 34 out so at least the snow is melting slowly.  Not much on the agenda today so will try to do some more reading and dreaming.

The temperature did hover around 30 today and it never got sunny.  It seemed funny not to have to go up to court and work today.  Bonnie is feeling a little better but no where near 100% yet.  I did get to spend time reading my Alaskan Camping book but it tends to make my eyelids heavy and I fixed that by napping off and on.

We did get ready and headed to Attica for our couple study group and had a good time there.  Cindy baked some delicious cookies and the peanut butter ones were just like my mother used to make.  Back home I caught the end of the Syracuse game, they lost.  Well its time to head for bed to ready for church in the morning.


A fresh blanket of snow this morning and it continues to snow.  I am thinking we will not get to much.  We are off to church.

After church we headed into East Aurora to make some deposits at the bank, then out to the produce market, and finally to the egg man (no eggs).  So we headed home with a stop to drop off Alexus at her house.  Elizabeth was not feeling good and stayed home.

I'm not sure Bonnie should have gone today either, but she wanted to hear what the group that traveled to Israel had to report on i church.  I think she has relapsed and she spent most of the day in bed.  She got up a time or so but soon went back to bed.  I watched the NASCAR race off and on and caught up on some recordings and blogs.  Then I put down the computer and spent the next few hours reading my book on Alaska.

Well thats about it for this week I had some soup for supper and figure I too will get to bed early tonight.  We ended up with about 3 inches of snow today.

Thanks For Checking In!

"If Your Dreams Don't Scare You, They Are Just Not Big Enough"